Sock of the Month for All Your Sock Needs

sock of the month for All Your Sock Needs

Focus, focus, focus. It’s not easy to maintain in this day and age of distractions, but it’s the difference between success and failure (or life and death). Whether you’re a writer trying to beat out the next great novel or an athlete training to win gold at the Olympics, you can maximize your performance with the right socks. Philosophy Socks have been helping people stay on task since the days of Socrates himself, so they know what they’re doing.

Choosing the perfect pair

No matter how great your outfit is, if you don’t have socks to match, it can ruin your look. While choosing a sock may seem like a trivial and menial task, it can make or break your outfit. For example, some socks are sleek and elegant (in monochromatic colors), whereas others are bold and colorful; some are made out of fine fabric while others are made out of coarse cotton; some need to be paired with dressy outfits while others look great with casual wear. How do you choose which ones fit your personality? First, think about what kind of clothes you will be wearing them with most often—business attire? Jeans? Leggings?

Why socks are a great gift

It’s true that socks are a funny thing to give as a gift. They aren’t exciting on their own, and most people end up with too many in their sock drawer (or if you’re like me, use them as dusters). Philosophically speaking though, socks are an awesome gift to give someone. First of all, everyone needs socks; it makes it difficult not to appreciate them. Second of all, giving someone clothes is giving them something they really need and can wear often—so if you see your friend wearing your socks or notice that they have holes in theirs from wearing them so much, you know they like yours!

How to choose the right design and size

The sock we’re going to take a look at today is called Philosophy Socks. It’s made by a company called Philosophy, which apparently thinks it knows how to make colorful socks that will not only keep your feet warm and cozy but also let everyone know what kind of person you are. This brand doesn’t have any reviews so we can’t tell if they work or if they even fit properly (though they do look to be very high quality) so we won’t comment on that except to say that their sizing seems to be based in European shoe sizes: 35-45.

How to care for your socks

Everybody has a few too many socks lying around their sock drawer. They’re easy to acquire, but not quite as easy to take care of. If you have an abundance of socks that have seen better days, it’s time to treat yourself to a few new pairs and learn how to properly care for them. There are some super simple ways to prolong your socks’ life—and you can use them with any type of fabric or brand! Follow these steps and you won’t be stuck with holey socks for long

How to wear them in different ways

Many people purchase matching socks, but you don’t have to! It doesn’t matter which sock has stripes and which sock has spots. You can mix and match socks however you want! Some people wear these as ankle socks and some as knee-highs. Show off your strong side with Philosophy Socks. We offer multiple styles of unusual socks to add a bit of color to your wardrobe! Our Philosockphy process ensures that no two socks are alike, so you know that each pair is unique and will stand out from a crowd.