Sock of the Month: Five Ways to Fold Your Socks


Have you ever wondered why your socks always seem to end up in the same position? As it turns out, there are many different ways to fold socks, depending on your preferences and available storage space. To help you figure out which approach works best for you, our sock of the month club has curated some of the most commonly used sock folding methods. Some are more work than others, but all are great ways to make sure that your socks don’t get lost or mixed up.


The Elastic Band

1. Place your socks inside the elastic band and pull one sock through both ends of the band, so that it sits on top with both legs hanging down. 2. Place your other sock (or any other pair) in the same way on top, so that you've created two separate loops with one leg in each loop. 3.


The Over Under

Over-Under socks are made for men and women who want a sock that stands out from the rest. These great socks have an over-the-knee length and come in a variety of funky colors. The elastic is on the outside, making them easy to slip on and off with ease. If you need something a little more subtle, they also carry crew socks that are perfect for work or school.
The best part about these awesome socks? When they arrive at your doorstep, you'll get two pairs each month! They offer all sorts of fun types, too. Whether you're looking for funky dress socks or colorful ankle socks, Over Under has what you need!


The Shirt Fold

Take one sock, and pull it out so that it's completely unfolded. Take the heel of the sock, and fold it in half. Reach back down and grab the other end. Pull up on both ends so that they meet at the toe, then swing one side over top of the other until you're left with a neat little bundle. When you have your socks all folded in this way, place them into a drawer or on top of each other in a sock organizer with all their mates facing out. This is called The Shirt Fold because it makes your socks look like they're laid out for ironing like dress shirts in a shirt box!


Over & Under Again

The Over-Under method is one of the most popular sock folding methods, and it's easy to see why. It turns your socks into a neat little rectangle that can be easily stored in a drawer or on a shelf. A quick search through Pinterest will show you just how many different variations there are for this fold. Pick whichever one suits you best!


The V-Fold

This is a very popular sock folding technique for men, since it’s a pretty casual way to fold your socks. All you need to do is lay your socks down on a flat surface (a bed or table), with the toe facing away from you and the heel touching your body. Next, take one sock and roll it so that it creates an V shape. The end result should be two halves of the V-shape lined up next to each other, with the open space in between them. Finally, take one half of the V-shape and place it inside the other half until they overlap completely. You should then have two folded socks sitting next to each other with a small V shaped opening in between them.