Sock of the Month: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks


Do you still just fold your socks and line them up in your drawer? If you’ve run out of ways to be creative with your socks, give the following five sock folding methods a try!


The Parallel Pleat

This sock folding technique is a little more complicated than the other ones, but it can also be done in less time. Start by laying your socks out and placing them in parallel lines. You will then fold over one line, making sure that all of your socks are even and that they have a clean crease. Next, fold over another line perpendicular to the first one; so if you folded over from left to right for the first line, you should fold from top to bottom for this second one. Finally, lay these two folds on top of each other so that they create a V shape. This leaves a space in between each sock at the bottom.


The Bowtie

1) Folding your socks as normal then rolling them up like a cigar before tying it all together with a bowtie.
2) Take one sock and loop it around until it's touching itself, then tie it off with another sock right under where they meet. Then tie that off with another sock, and so on until you have an entire row. Tie those in together with a matching color bowtie at either end and voila!


The Twist

Many socks are not just for feet. They can be used as a gift, or an accessory, or even a colorful sock holder!


Zig Zag

The Zig Zag fold is a fun and creative way to keep your socks organized. Here's how it works! Start by folding your sock in half lengthwise, then roll it up from one end to the other. Now take both ends, and bring them together on top of each other in opposite directions. This will give you a zigzag pattern on your sock! The Zig Zag fold is great for socks that are hard to match or are different colors.
1) With regular wear, this fold should last about four months. 2) You can use this with dress socks as well as ankle socks! 3) To store your socks, try using a clear shoe organizer or drawer divider.


The Over Under

This is a very straightforward technique, which requires no folding whatsoever. The socks are simply laid next to each other with one on top and one on bottom, forming an 'over' and an 'under'. There are two advantages to this approach. Firstly, it's a perfectly symmetrical way of organising your socks. Secondly, if you have different types or colours laid out side by side, they will be easier to distinguish - especially if they're in pairs that don't match exactly in size or colour. It's not as exciting as some of the other methods we'll cover here but it's quick and easy and great for anyone who hates having things out of place!