Sock of the Month: Drinking Games and Socks

sock of the month: Drinking Games and Socks

How do you like your socks? Crisp, clean, and just waiting to be worn? Or do you prefer them to be dirty, worn-out and forgotten about in the bottom of your drawer? At sock of the month, we believe that every month is a good month to get new socks, whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day or your birthday. So if you need new socks – and who doesn’t – then check out our sock subscription service today!


The rules of the game

The game is to find a really awesome pair of socks, then try to figure out what they go with. For example, say you found these cool socks, but now you're not sure what to wear them with. When you're deciding on outfits or trying to get dressed in the morning, it can be hard to know which clothes will go well together.


How to play

The game is simple. Match a drink with a corresponding color from your sock drawer. With every sip, hold up your corresponding sock for the whole bar to see. If you get drunk before you finish all 12 drinks, congratulations! You're done for the night! If not, continue on until you've matched all 12 socks. The winner is whoever finishes their drink first.


The benefits of playing

It's hard to think about socks when you're in the middle of a game night, but come on-- without them, what would you do with your feet? Thanks to best sock subscription clubs like crazy color dress socks, it's easy to find just the right pair for any occasion. These colorful socks for men are perfect for wearing around the house or going out on a Friday night. They're made from high quality cotton so they'll last longer than most other brands. Plus, they come in an awesome variety of colors that will brighten up your day.


The drawbacks of playing

cool socks make for fun gift ideas, so try one out with our sock of the month club. Our monthly sock subscription service brings you a new pair of socks every month. We've got something for everyone - from funky ankle socks to cool crew socks, we've got it all!


How to win

You get a chance to win an awesome sock every month.
-Enter your email address in the form on our website.
-The winner will be chosen at random every month. -We send you a pair of socks right away.
-If you're not eligible for that month's giveaway, there will be another one next month!