Sock of the Month Clubs – Who Doesn't Love New Socks?">sock of the month Clubs – Who Doesn't Love New Socks?

Are you looking for something fun to subscribe to each month? Looking to be surprised by the latest and greatest in men’s fashion? Well, look no further than Philosockphy! This highly rated sock subscription offers 3-6 pairs of socks each month. Each pair is chosen based on your preferences, so it’s as much fun to wear them as it was to pick them out!

What is a">sock of the month club?

A">sock of the month club is a subscription box where you receive new socks every month. When it comes to socks, how much can one person really need? Most people could go for quite some time with just one or two pairs, but that’s part of what makes sock subscription services so popular. You can get a whole new (or old) collection to wear with each passing season or event. Some clubs give you brand-new socks, while others send out recycled pairs from old collections. If you want to take your love for socks to another level, start your own sock club!

What are your options if you have plantar fasciitis, calluses, or athletes foot?

If you have plantar fasciitis, athletes foot, or a callus on your foot from wearing heels, visit your podiatrist to have a callus shaved off or to have a corn removed. If you are just looking for stylish and supportive socks for active wear or for lounging around in your home, there are many choices available online. There are socks clubs that will mail you new pairs every month (or however often you choose). They also make great gifts! Here is an example: I recently discovered Philosockphy Socks and they were one of my favorite picks in 2016’s gift guide! I’ve been getting these monthly sock subscriptions ever since!

How do I pick out my sock color for this month's club?

There are many different sock subscription companies to choose from, each offering a wide selection of colors and patterns. And while selecting color is fun, another key element to choosing your sock subscriptions is fit. The socks should be one size fits all or at least unisex so that they will easily fit any foot size. If your socks don’t fit properly you’ll notice right away when you put them on. They'll be either too loose or too tight, which can lead to blisters and a general uncomfortable experience for you and those around you if it happens in public.

Is it too late to buy one sock as a gift, or do I need to get all 12 pairs at once?

If you've ever sat down to buy a present, you'll know it's always hard to know how many gifts to get. Should I get one or two? What if they already have that one thing? Do I need to get them both sizes or will they be okay with just one color? At Philosockphy we're used to dealing with these sorts of quandaries and are pleased to announce our newest service,">sock of the month Club! Here's how it works: every month for a year, we'll ship your loved ones socks - 12 pairs over 12 months. Don't worry about getting all their sizes and colors correct at once; we'll send a few extras each month until you've hit your number!

How quickly will my new socks arrive after I order them?

If you're like me, you find yourself doing a lot of sitting at your desk, which means two things: 1) You can get behind on laundry pretty quickly and 2) There's nothing more satisfying than getting new socks in your drawer. If you want to make sure you always have some clean socks waiting for you at work or home, consider signing up for a sock-of-the-month club. Many companies offer these services; here are a few to check out.

Do you offer a guarantee on your socks?

At Philosockphy, we're proud to offer a 100% happiness guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your socks, we'll replace them or refund your money without hesitation. But don't worry: We've yet to meet a customer who hasn't loved their order!

Are there multiple styles available in each">sock of the month club.

Most sock of month clubs offer a wide variety of styles in their monthly delivery. I highly suggest looking for a club that offers several different styles and patterns so that you will never get bored with your socks! The last thing you want is to open your mailbox each month only to find another boring pair of solid black or white socks. One company I highly recommend is Philosocphy Socks. They offer several different pattern options, including athletic stripes, exotic prints, argyle and polka dots! And best yet they are priced incredibly low at $10 per pair!

What is The WOOF Box experience like when opening my monthly sock delivery box?

To start, you might be surprised at how heavy your sock box is once it arrives. Once you open it up and pull out all the socks, your first thought may be Wow, that’s a lot of socks! You'll also see how nicely each pair has been wrapped and will likely want to unwrap each one individually to get a closer look. Imagine waking up every morning with a smile on your face as you put on these socks -- or give them away as holiday gifts to some very lucky people in your life. The WOOF Box makes sure that even people who don’t normally wear funny novelty socks can appreciate their artistry and quality - so don’t woteyearoete.<< > i utimthlscsrdoehmnieao r n !< < isuwoelui uqremov en r FoersnI ubrb si oa r rl rt m n.oer trwdpgo ofn uaescweor evnok-fheoBtrsgt ea emtg o r he m oc h teu acn w maf eiev r/b rme u okm ayvrrfhts/hoscp.hls/b brO h ras hrcr aknsiefo ato cleci ssc v ont,e' dmr n tosc i.B g por mnl ri oeo ed oude h d,sohe'neinl!/