Sock of the Month Clubs – Who Doesn't Love New Socks?">sock of the month Clubs – Who Doesn't Love New Socks?

Are you looking for something fun to subscribe to each month? Looking to be surprised by the latest and greatest in men’s fashion? Well, look no further than Philosockphy! This highly rated sock subscription offers 3-6 pairs of socks each month. Each pair is chosen based on your preferences, so it’s as much fun to wear them as it was to pick them out!

Sock subscriptions are an amazing gift idea

Not only do sock-of-the-month clubs send you fresh pairs on a regular basis, but it's also great to have some fresh socks at your disposal. It's a fun gift for anyone, but more than that, sock subscriptions are especially perfect for college students. As kids are moving into dorms and apartments for the first time, giving them socks to start their new semester is a thoughtful way to say congratulations! Looking to get started on a sock subscription of your own? Check out our guide on how to start your own business with no money.

How sock subscriptions work

Like food, wine, or any other good you get to enjoy when it’s in season, socks can also have a season. When you sign up for sock-of-the-month club, they’ll send you a pair of socks each month based on your preferences (color, material and level of thickness). Usually these are in top brands like Stance or Happy Socks. You may not know exactly what kind of socks you're going to get in advance—it's part of the surprise—but what is predictable is that it will be awesome! You'll learn more about all these options if you scroll down and check out our pick for Best Subscription Boxes.

Which sock subscription is right for you?

Every subscription is a little different. Some focus on cost, others on quality. Some even offer socks as part of a more general clothing package. For example, if you're looking for a simple socks-of-the-month club, Philosockphy has got you covered with three options to choose from: $15/month gets you one pair of their men's or women's no-show crew socks; $25/month gets you two pairs; and $35/month gets you three pairs. Socks in Every Pack counts down your till next month with witty descriptions (today's entry: The hell if I know). It also sends an email whenever it finds new socks that might be worth your time.

What does it mean to keep calm & wear Philosophy?

Do you often find yourself grappling with decision-making? Perhaps your lifestyle is starting to take its toll on your body and mind. Whether or not you are struggling with a serious issue, it can be beneficial to practice mindfulness techniques that allow you to live in a state of calm & wear philosophy. How do we practice such things, you ask? By subscribing to sock-of-the-month clubs! We believe that socks (and really, undergarments in general) should be both whimsical and empowering, which is why we select different subscription services each month for our customers. Each shipment is themed and comes complete with philosophical mottos attached - some more playful than others - but all important reminders nonetheless.

Is there a sock subscription service for men?

If you have a sock subscription service, start by learning about your customers' needs. Are they looking for socks that help them keep their feet warm during colder months? Do they want socks to wear on a weekend hike or bike ride with friends? Are they interested in socks that show off their style and attitude every day to complement their outfits while they're at work? What sizes do they typically order: small, medium, large, extra-large, or one size fits all? If you don’t currently offer socks for men or if there’s not much competition in your industry, set up an online account and start getting some ideas. You might also consider offering a">sock of the month club as part of your marketing strategy.

Shipping & Returns

You can buy socks with a monthly subscription. Shipping costs are built into your subscription price. If you want to try it out first, sign up for our">sock of the month club and pay for just one pair to see how you like them. If you don’t love them, then you don’t have to continue buying every month! If you decide to subscribe, we will automatically send your next sock so that they arrive at approximately when you need them each month (the beginning or middle). We also give a 15-day return policy if there is something wrong with your socks or they don’t fit right. You can even exchange them if they just aren’t your style!

What are some great examples of socks from sock subscription clubs?

With a whole range of different sock subscription clubs out there, it can be difficult to pick one. But if you’re looking for quirky socks, we recommend Philosockphy. This unique sock subscription club comes with a variety of cool and colorful designs. There are three levels available: The Notorious PIG, I Don’t Do Corny, and Philosockphy. The first two types offer 1-2 pairs of amazing socks per month, while philosophers receive 3-4 pairs every month! For only $9-$11 per month with free shipping in North America, these are some awesome options that will never get old! The best part is you can wear each pair at least 10 times before washing them; which means your investment is fairly low as well!