Sock of the Month Clubs for Men - Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Clubs for Men - Five Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

How many times have you been at the end of your sock drawer when you realize that you're out of clean socks, but there's only one left and it's dirty? If this sounds like you, then sock subscriptions are the solution to your problem! With sock subscriptions, you get regular shipments of new socks based on your size and style preferences so that you never have to worry about running out of socks again!

How to Fold Tops

Using traditional fold style T-shirts is one way to make sure that your shirts last a long time. If you’re planning on doing any traveling or packing, folding tops helps keep them wrinkle-free and ready for wear. Don’t use your shirt as a napkin or pillow during your flight—those fibers will have trouble returning to their original shape! Plus, you’ll be in need of another shirt if it gets wrinkled during your flight. To make sure they don’t get messed up before wearing, fold top t-shirts using The Philosockphy . Just make sure that you include a photo demonstration along with each step so readers can get an idea of what each movement looks like.

How to Roll From Toe to Heel

As you roll your socks down, do so in reverse order by rolling from heel to toe. Once they are completely unrolled, grab them at each end and place one end over your big toe. Pull it up onto your foot and then place your heel into the top of the sock. Then, simply push or stretch that portion down until it is securely in place on your ankle.

How to Separate Laundry into Three Zones

When it comes to managing your clothing, most people just throw everything into one basket. While you don’t have to go overboard with sorting items by type and color, it is a good idea break things up into three zones: whites/lights, darks/brights and basics. These are easy groupings that make it very simple not only at laundry time but when you’re going through your closet.

How to Store Socks by Type and Length

For organized sock storage, you should divide your socks into two categories: those that are meant to be worn with dress shoes (dress socks) and those meant for casual wear. While sorting by length isn’t necessary, doing so will help you keep similar styles and colors together. If you do separate by length, put short ones on top, followed by knee-highs, then ankle socks at the bottom. This way you can grab a pair in a jiffy. For more details about how to fold your socks just follow these simple steps below

How to Make Folding Even Easier

Take a photo of each pair. While a lot can be done with careful color coordination, if you don’t plan to wear a certain pair together, fold it in its own unique way so you know exactly which sock goes with which shoe. Take photos on your phone and save them in an album or document where you can access them later. (Also do something fun and creative like use your child’s drawings as markers.) Use colored elastic bands or rubber bands to hold pairs together that have similar colors, but different textures. For example, if they are both cotton socks with similar colors and designs, but one is ribbed and one is not, you can use an elastic band around both pairs at once so that they don’t get mixed up in your drawer.