Sock of the Month Clubs are a Thing and We're Lovin' It

sock of the month Clubs are a Thing and We're Lovin' It

How many times have you lamented the fact that you never seem to have matching socks when it’s time to get dressed? If you’re anything like us, this has happened way too often. What if we told you that there was an easy way to end the frustration of mismatched socks and still get to enjoy your favorite pair every month?

How much do sock subscription boxes cost?

If you don’t have time to shop, or simply want to reward yourself with new socks every month, sock subscription boxes might be just what you need. While they can cost anywhere from $20-$30 per month, many also come with discounts off full-priced items. Some subscriptions even ship your socks automatically every so often (e.g., every 3 months). Just make sure that any recurring charges have been discussed in advance. Also keep in mind that if you’re expecting an exceptionally cute pair each month, these boxes can get quite expensive! Some subscription sites will sell out quickly, which means there won’t be much left for leftovers to exchange for cash—or even to donate!

What comes in each box?

Each month, you’ll receive a package in the mail filled with high-quality socks. Some months may include multiple pairs of your favourite colour, while others might send two pairs that are different colours but complementary to each other. The sock(s) will be coordinated with a shirt in your next month’s fashion box – think stripes with plaid or florals with paisley. And it won’t stop there – we'll also throw in some shirts from one of our many online shops so you have an outfit to wear every day!

The importance of quality socks

Although wearing socks might not be something that you think about when it comes to feeling good, it can be important. Socks worn in activities like running or exercising will make sure that your feet stay dry and are comfortable. Wearing quality socks that aren't tight will also ensure that your legs aren't putting pressure on their blood vessels which could cause things like varicose veins. Wearing quality socks is essential to comfort as well as protecting yourself from health issues down the road.

Why subscribe to sock subscription boxes?

If you’re like most guys, your sock drawer is full of boring, black dress socks—and you wear them with everything. But there's a problem with buying in bulk: You don't get to experience as many different colors, patterns or fabrics as you could if you were ordering from different brands each month. A sock subscription service is like having your own personal shopper for your feet, picking out high-quality styles (no more ugly anklets) and sending them straight to your door. No longer will you be limited to just one brand; new collections from new designers will come in every month (or week). The best part? Since they come gift-wrapped (you'll have them sent directly to someone special), they make awesome gifts too!

How do you choose which ones to subscribe to?

You may be tempted to go for the most affordable option, but that’s often not an indication of quality. Although you want to get something that’s reasonably priced, don’t scrimp on your socks if you can avoid it. Look for a brand with good reviews, be aware that more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality, and search for a company with good customer service as well. If there are multiple sock-of-the-month clubs out there that seem appealing to you based on cost, style, etc., check online for reviews (like Yelp or Amazon) before making your final decision. The same goes for any kind of club subscription – paying attention to reviews beforehand can help ensure you get quality products every time.

What's our favorite sock subscription box?

Okay, so we’re not getting paid for saying that but we did have to give a shout out to our favorite sock subscription box – sock of the month Club. You guys know how much we love having fun socks – they’re comfortable and make our outfit just pop! So when we found out about these monthly sock subscriptions, well, you can probably imagine how giddy we were! Each month you get 3 pairs of awesomely colorful socks. If you want to switch it up, no problemo – check out their other plans where they let you choose between 2 different types or even pick your own pair every month.

Ending thoughts on sock subscription boxes

If you’re not into sock subscription boxes, we understand. Some people don’t like getting presents all year round. But if you love socks, we think it’s worth giving it a shot. And even if you don’t love them—or have too many already—at least you get to keep your house smelling fresh with Philosophy soap. Did I mention that by doing that, you’ll be helping elephants? That should definitely sweeten things up for ya! Just saying... ;)