Sock of the Month Clubs - A Sock Subscription Worth Trying

sock of the month Clubs - A Sock Subscription Worth Trying

How many pairs of socks do you have in your closet? If you're like most people, you probably have at least 10-20. And then there are those people who have 200+ pairs of socks in their closet because they've joined sock of the month clubs . sock of the month clubs (SOCKS) offer 3-month and 6-month subscriptions to members that receive a new pair of socks delivered to their doorsteps monthly.

Why Buy a sock of the month Club?

If you haven’t heard about a sock subscription yet, it’s basically a club in which a business sends you 3 different pairs of socks every month. You can choose from a variety of different styles and colors from their site. While some businesses are now offering beanies and mittens, we prefer to focus on socks for our monthly subscriptions. With so many choices out there, choosing a sock subscription is an easy decision! Philosockphy socks even have an impressive list of celebrity fans who keep coming back to get more pairs. If you have trouble remembering when to order new socks (or if your friends steal yours), then a sock subscription service could be what you need!

How Does a sock of the month Club Work?

Want to try out a sock subscription service but aren’t sure which one to choose? We took a look at three services and compared them: Philosockphy, socks2u, and Monkkicks. You can buy your own subscriptions directly through their websites. We don’t provide any discounts or financial compensation for these services; we just wanted to know what they were like in practice. Our overall pick is Philosockphy (the sock-of-the-month club that ran our affiliate program) because they have a diverse range of socks available and offer special promotions on occasion. They also ship internationally (socks2u does not). The other two are good choices too—each has its strengths and weaknesses.

What Makes This Club Different?

We spend enough time getting dressed every day, so why not make it as easy as possible? We think that a good pair of socks can really change how we feel. That’s why our sock club tries to take care of all that decision making for you by creating different styles and color schemes every month. You get socks in your mailbox and never have to go shopping again! In addition, each pack comes with a thoughtful note explaining exactly what we were thinking when we created them. (You might even see one or two sneak peeks at new designs!) As if that weren’t enough, you'll receive access to extra discounts on related products—and no annual membership fees. Every month is new and exciting, guaranteed!

Who Would Love One of These?

If you're in need of a unique gift for someone who loves trying new things and loves to wear socks, I'd recommend getting them a sock subscription service. These subscriptions tend to come with anywhere from 3-12 pairs of designer socks. So it's a great way to get someone something different, yet still practical! Who doesn't like new socks? Not only are they useful items, but they can be super fun if you like wearing wild designs or crazy colors. And what makes these subscriptions even better is that they tend to be more affordable than buying individual pairs at big name retailers! If you're looking for an awesome gift idea (or maybe treat yourself?), check out some sock subscriptions here ! Choose from companies such as Bombas, Boxo Cubed and many more!

Is It Really Worth It?

I admit, $12 a month seems steep for an unknown pair of socks. But I would argue that if you only buy new socks when they’re on sale (and even then, those socks won’t be limited edition), then it’s likely that your sock collection is in rough shape. As someone who has experienced more than his fair share of lost-in-the-wash disasters, wearing matching pairs every day might be just what you need to give your wardrobe an upgrade. So, yes. It really is worth it!