Sock of the Month Clubs: 6 Ways to Join the Fun


Socks are one of those accessories that you probably don’t spend much time thinking about, but if you’re interested in adding some more personality to your wardrobe, sock subscription boxes are the way to do it! A variety of different companies now offer sock-of-the-month club subscriptions where you get to pick from 5–10 pairs of socks every month or two and have them shipped straight to your door. The best part? You can customize what type of socks you get!


Different types of sock subscription boxes

Some of the best sock subscription boxes include Men's Purple Ankle socks club, MENS COLORFUL socks club, MEN'S ANKLE SOCK CLUB and COLORFUL SOCK CLUB. If you're looking for something more specific, there are also cool socks for men (Mens Cool Ankle socks club), cool mens socks (Mens Cool Crew socks club), crazy color dress socks (crazy color dress socks) and fun dress socks (Fun Dressy Knee-High Socks).


The cost

For $12.99 a month, subscribers can receive a curated package of six pairs of socks that will be delivered right to their doorstep each month. The socks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! You never know what you're going to get and that's half the fun! Plus, if there are any pairs you don't want or need anymore, you can always give them as gifts!


Consideration #1 - How many pairs per month?

A seven-pair monthly sock subscription is a good starting point for those who don't have an overwhelming need for socks, but still want to enjoy some fun colors and styles. On average, you should be able to wear a pair of socks about six times before they start showing signs of wear and tear. This means that in one month you can get through two pairs at most - making this a very affordable way to refresh your sock drawer. If your budget allows, we also offer three-pair and twelve-pair subscriptions!


Consideration #2 - When are new shipments delivered?

Another consideration is how quickly you want your socks delivered. Typically, monthly sock clubs like those listed will send you a new shipment every month or every other month. If you're not particularly excited about getting a new pair of socks each month and would rather save up for something bigger, then waiting might be a better choice. You could also consider signing up for a two-month or three-month plan and enjoy some variety while still getting an awesome amount of socks in just a few months.


What brands are included?

The best sock of the month clubs offer a variety of brands, so you can always get what you like. Here are six brands to choose from: Crew socks club, The Sock Drawer, Sub-Urban Riot, Stance, Happy Socks and Soccx. With Crew socks club, you can choose from all different sorts of styles - from crew socks, ankle socks and more. Plus they have a great customer service team who is happy to answer any questions you may have about their service. For example if you're not sure what size best fits your foot or want help with a return or exchange just ask them! If you're looking for fun men's socks with bright colors and designs then Sub-Urban Riot is right up your alley!


Reviews and experiences

The sock subscription boxes I'm reviewing today are all geared towards men. There's a wide variety, so hopefully you'll find something that fits your style and needs.
#1) Mens Purple ankle socks - these socks are designed for larger feet, they're comfortable and stylish.
#2) Men's colorful socks - if you want some funky colors in your life, this is a great option. They're bright and cheery without being too loud or obnoxious (unless you want them to be).
#3) Men's ankle socks - if you're looking for something more traditional (yet still fun), this box has what you need.