Sock of the Month Clubs

sock of the month Clubs

Enough with the boring socks you buy at the department store! sock of the month Clubs provide you with some of the coolest, most comfortable, and most durable socks out there. These aren’t your grandma’s socks; in fact, she probably wouldn’t even recognize them! The secret to these companies’ success? Understanding that people want something special for their feet, and that one size does not fit all when it comes to sock preferences.

The History of the Sock Subscription

Sock subscriptions have existed since at least 2014, when a New York sock subscription club called Sockswaggle started offering two socks for $12. With most sock subscriptions you can choose between a few options: You can get 1 pair of socks per month or 3 pairs every three months. They also offer different kinds, like funky socks and dress socks. Prices start at about $10-$20 for one pair per month, depending on what kind you’re looking for and how many months you plan to subscribe for. If you want to be really thorough, sign up with SubBox (formerly Sockswaggle) and check out their extensive selection of sock-of-the-month clubs—including ones for babies and dog lovers!

What Makes a Cool Pair of Socks?

A good pair of socks will last for a long time, feel soft on your feet, and make you look like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t). Socks can be fancy or everyday, colorful or plain, but they should always be comfortable. Get into different sock types: there are specialized socks for hiking, running, riding bikes and sailing; even socks that double as slippers or ear muffs. Next up: trying out sock subscriptions. You can now get monthly deliveries of men's or women's cool socks without ever having to worry about finding new fun pairs again! Check out Sock Drawer if you want to receive $10 off your first subscription with code CT10CK.

Types of Socks in Sock Subscriptions

Let’s face it, socks are boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you choose a sock subscription box, you can spice up your boring uniform by trying out all sorts of new styles and brands. Some clubs specialize in men’s or women’s socks, while others offer a variety of both. The most popular subscription sock brands include: Sole Society; Bombas; SockBox; New Yorker; Zenni Optical; Try The World and Harry's. If you like hosiery with pretty patterns (heels, knee-highs or stockings), you'll love these companies as well!

Examples From Different Months

Although some people like to collect cool socks for fashion, other like collecting them for special occasions. Perhaps you collect socks for school or work in order to keep track of those misplaced socks. Maybe you would use a collection as gifts during different holiday seasons throughout the year. Maybe you just like collecting and showing off your beautiful and crazy sock collections at home. There are many possibilities when it comes to what kind of collection you could have and how to go about it. Each month sock companies often have unique sets, meaning if you sign up for a sock club each month will have something new that wasn’t there before (and not available in stores). Depending on how many packages you buy each month, club members can save a significant amount on each package!

Tips for Getting Started with Boxes of Awesome

If you’re still unsure whether a subscription is right for you, don’t forget that there are other ways to discover new cool socks. Check out your local store and try on a few pairs to find brands and styles that fit well. Then ask your friends if they know any cool sock brands (if they're honest with you, they'll probably point out that many good socks don't have particularly unique designs). Or look for patterns or companies at trade shows and fairs.

Conclusion - Is a Monthly Subscription Right For You?

A sock of the month club is a great way to get socks you know you'll love, and treat yourself to something fun every month. Socks can be more than just a necessity - they can be fun and stylish! Join one today and look forward to a surprise in your mailbox every 30 days. It's like getting a present for you, your feet!

Bonus Section - The Most Comfortable Pair Of Men's Dress Socks Ever Created!

Most socks aren't made with a man's feet in mind; they're much shorter than a typical pair of men's dress socks, or have extra material around the heel and toes. But it doesn't have to be that way! We've partnered with an industry leader in sock manufacturing to bring you these extra-comfortable dress socks for men: designed for your feet by someone who knows what makes comfortable socks for men great. And now we're bringing them to you through our exclusive sock of the month club. Every month, when you open your mailbox, you'll get a pair of our signature Dress Socks For MenTM ! You can cancel at any time so there are no obligations - but why would you?