Sock of the Month Clubs

sock of the month Clubs

Enough with the boring socks you buy at the department store! sock of the month Clubs provide you with some of the coolest, most comfortable, and most durable socks out there. These aren’t your grandma’s socks; in fact, she probably wouldn’t even recognize them! The secret to these companies’ success? Understanding that people want something special for their feet, and that one size does not fit all when it comes to sock preferences.

Over the Calf

Over-the-calf socks are a necessary if you spend any amount of time wearing shoes with a low heel. Otherwise, your heels will likely be visible through your sock. They look like crew socks that have been stretched out to mid-calf height. Over-the-calf socks are also useful if you're self conscious about shoe size and don't want anyone to know what kind/size you wear—because over-the-calf socks aren't going to give up your secrets.


If you love wearing socks that match your outfits, then a crew sock club is perfect for you. Crew socks are popular because they fit underneath dress shoes and dress pants. Many men consider crew socks to be more professional looking than tube socks. If you’re tired of old mismatched socks, consider signing up for a sock subscription service, where new pairs will be sent to your door each month with a membership fee. Typically, sock subscriptions come with three different types: cotton blends (non-dressy), wool blends (more dressed up) and boot/outdoor socks (sturdy). You can also find specialty designs like no-show or knee high options on certain sites.

No Show

If you're just not into high-tops or lace-ups, these no-show socks will fit your fancy. We love Sock it to Me for its huge selection of really fun socks that still fall under that no show category. Available in a monthly sock subscription, these guys are great because they'll send you a new pair every month, and they range from solid colors to more detailed patterns. Their customer service is also awesome -- if your toes feel a little chilly, they'll give you 10% off to buy yourself some winter woolies! No matter how many pairs you need, these socks will ship straight to your door without ever having to step foot out of your slippers. Sounds like a dream come true -- and affordable enough that it can be!


The ankle sock is perfect for wearing with boat shoes, driving moccasins, and loafers. These socks hug your ankles without being too tight. They tend to be thinner than dress socks but are more substantial than tube socks. An ideal ankle sock is made from a combination of cotton and nylon fibers for durability and comfort. A good choice if you spend a lot of time wearing sandals or other open-toe shoes, especially in warmer months.

Fun Colors & Patterned Socks

Some sock-of-the-month clubs will send you unique, funky socks that your co-workers or family members may not even know exist. Some are based around color trends and some are based around what’s in for fall or spring. Others still just feature fun patterns (giraffes, boats, monkeys). The great thing about subscribing to a sock of the month club is that it doesn’t have to be limited to an item people only wear on their feet. Socks are super easy to use as Christmas stocking stuffers (for men AND women) and other gift ideas too!

Cool sock of the month Club Subscriptions

There are a lot of cool sock subscriptions out there and lots of ways to get socks, but socks-of-the-month clubs allow you to try something new each month without committing to a lifetime supply. A few companies we like: Sock Fancy (one pair per month), Roni Socks (two pairs per month), Chubbies (one or two pairs monthly depending on plan) and Lacy & Lucy's Club. You can also always sign up for regular deliveries from brands you know and love—Hanes, Darn Tough and Smartwool have sock clubs that ship all year long. Check 'em out! You won't be disappointed. Some say it's better than getting socks for Christmas or your birthday!