Sock of the Month Clubs

sock of the month Clubs

How many times have you gone to your sock drawer looking for just the right pair of socks to wear with your favorite shoes? If you’re like me, you know exactly what I mean! Even though I own several pairs of socks, my sock drawer can never seem to have just the right pair of socks in it at the same time. But, sock of the month Clubs can help alleviate this on to find out more!

How it works

A sock of the month club membership is a monthly subscription service that delivers new, cute socks directly to your door every month. This is one gift that never fails. Many sock of the month clubs offer children’s sizes too, which is great for families and fun group gifts. As an added bonus, many sock companies offer gift cards or even free socks with subscription purchases! The best part about being in a sock club is being able to recycle and save money by recycling and reusing your favorites! To try out several great sock of the month clubs for yourself, check out Sock Dreams , Undrest , Happy Socks , and Bombas .

What to expect

It’s fairly common to run out of socks. If you buy five pairs at a time, though, you’re bound to get tired of wearing some pretty quickly. Enter sock subscription services: for about $20 a month (plus shipping), you get three or four new pairs delivered straight to your door. This takes all of that guesswork and decision fatigue out of it—you have no idea what socks you’ll be getting, but every month is a different style from a different company. It also means that if one doesn’t fit quite right or isn’t quite comfortable, you don't have to worry about wasting an entire pair on something subpar.

How often do I receive new socks

Most sock of the month clubs run on a monthly schedule. That means you'll get at least 12 pairs of socks each year. Some clubs offer socks for different seasons or holidays (like Valentine's Day and Christmas), so there's still plenty to look forward to even when it isn't January. Depending on your specific club, you may also have access to discounts or exclusive access to new styles before they're available in stores.

My experience

As someone who gets cold feet when temperatures drop, I find it really hard to find socks that actually keep my feet warm. Not only that, but I don’t like how all pairs look exactly alike- they’re either boring solid colors or patterns with bright colors splashed all over them. The socks from Custom Socks Club are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale sock market. They have a huge selection of designs and you can even create your own! Another nice perk is that some of their sock subscriptions are on a monthly basis instead of just a yearly one- so if you need new wintery socks every month, they're perfect for you!

What if something goes wrong with my order

Each month, you’ll get an invoice from our third-party billing system. The due date will be on or around that month’s shipment day, which is always listed in your monthly email (and can also be found in your account information). Just log into your account and click View Order Status to pay. If you have any trouble at all with payment, please contact customer service right away. We take every step we can to ensure accurate and timely orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible—but sometimes mistakes happen. Our customer service representatives work hard to make sure they don't! That's why it's important to give us a heads up if there's a problem before or when we send out your first box.

Who are they a good fit for

Sock-of-the-month clubs are a great fit for anyone who loves getting fun socks. They’re also a great gift idea for any occasion, especially if you’re trying to think outside of standard box store offerings. The best part? Socks and their features can be tailored to your specific needs, so there is no end to the customization possibilities!

The cost per month

$12.99/month plus shipping. The rate increases to $14.99 per month for two pairs and then by $1 per month for every additional pair; maximum is 6 pairs per month, meaning you’d pay no more than $24.99 per month at that point. Just to be clear, you won’t automatically be charged more as you add to your monthly sock shipment—if you want six pairs a month, that’s all you have to pay for each and every month until you change it again! You can either cancel your subscription at any time or schedule an alternate delivery date in your account settings; with Sock Monkey there are never any automatic billings or commitments.

Can I cancel at any time?

Canceling your subscription is probably one of your biggest concerns. I get it, nobody likes canceling their favorite service and being locked into a contract they don’t want. So let me put your mind at ease: you can cancel at any time! Just send us an email and we’ll take care of you right away! And don’t worry if you forget to cancel, because we’ll remind you when it comes time for renewal. Your happiness is our top priority here at Fun Socks Club, so take advantage of our amazing sock-of-the-month club whenever and however long you like!

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