Sock of the Month Clubs

sock of the month Clubs

The best gift you can give to yourself (or someone else) is an amazing pair of socks every month, right? That’s what sock of the month Clubs believe, and that’s why they offer monthly sock subscriptions for men, women, and kids. When you sign up for one of their monthly sock of the month clubs, you get to choose from dozens of high-quality socks from brands like Darn Tough, Farm to Feet, and Smartwool.

Who are sock clubs for?

Have you ever been browsing online, saw a pair of awesome socks, and thought to yourself, Those would look awesome on my feet? And then went to buy them and found that they were out of stock. If you want a pair of fun-looking socks, but don’t want to deal with running all over town (or online) looking for your size in-stock, these sock clubs are great! Subscribe today! At least one pair is bound to catch your eye.

How can you get the most out of your membership?

Some sock clubs offer a mix of solid and patterned socks, while others only include patterned options. If you prefer your socks solid, opt for a club that will give you at least two pairs per month. A monthly sock subscription is a great gift idea for all occasions! You can also consider gifting an entire year's worth of socks! For men and women alike, socks make great gifts. Whether you are shopping for stocking stuffers or want to put together a special gift basket, choose from top brands including Sock It To Me®, Splendid Socks® and Stance®.

What should you look for in a sock subscription service?

Before signing up for a sock subscription service, take some time to decide what you’re looking for in terms of variety, quantity and colors. For example, if you’re looking for more than one pair per month, it could get expensive. If you have no interest in colors other than black or white, that could mean fewer shipments every month—but a much more cost-effective price tag. If fun colors are important to you but only as an afterthought, make sure your service offers something that suits your needs. Ask yourself: How many pairs do I want? How often do I want them shipped? What kind of socks do I want? And what colors do I like?

Finding the best value for your dollar

When you’re thinking about a sock subscription, you’ll want to take into account shipping costs as well as what’s inside each shipment. When you see free shipping in an online shopping cart, it means that whatever items are in your order are being shipped to you for free. In terms of value, there are generally two types of subscriptions: variable and fixed. A variable subscription is one where each box has a different combination of socks so you don’t know exactly what's coming before it arrives.

How to use sock subscriptions as gifts

Socks make a great gift, because they're fun to give and because most people don't buy enough socks for themselves. The world would be a better place if everyone had as many socks as they needed—but it's also nice to give people presents when you want to show them that you care. There are plenty of occasions to do so, from birthdays and Christmas through Hanukkah and Valentine's Day (and why not Groundhog Day?). If you know someone who doesn't have much sock-buying discipline, a sock subscription service might be just what you need for your next present-giving opportunity.

Things you should avoid doing with sock subscriptions

avoid getting socks that are identical to ones you already have. You can customize your sock subscription, and I’d encourage you to do so! But remember: He who works with his hands is a laborer; he who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman; he who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is an artist. — Saint Francis of Assisi