Sock of the Month Club: You'll Be Shocked By What You Didn't Know About Socks


The sock of the month club might seem like an unusual idea, but it’s perfect for someone who loves socks as much as you do! Socks are often overlooked, but they can make all the difference in comfort, foot health and style. The next time you sign up to receive a sock of the month club, you’ll be amazed by what you didn’t know about socks!


The Comfort

At The Comfort, we've created a sock subscription service that includes six pairs of designer socks delivered right to your door. But we do more than just provide socks. We have a team of specialists that help you find the perfect gift for anyone in your life, whether it's dad, mom, sister, brother or a close friend. And best of all? You don't need to worry about picking out the perfect pair because our new sock-of-the-month club will do it for you. With The Comfort's sock subscription service, you can get six pairs each month for one low monthly price with free shipping and returns included. Plus, every order comes with a free surprise gift just for signing up!


The Variety

You'll be shocked by what you didn't know about socks. For example, did you know that there are mens ankle socks? Or cool mens socks? If your answer is no, then read on to find out why these two kinds of sock exist and what they're good for. Mens ankle socks are a great choice if you want to wear a dress sock with shorts or pants but don't want them to show. They come in all sorts of colors and styles, so there's something perfect for anyone! The same goes for funky men's socks and crazy color dress socks.
Mens funky socks are another popular choice that many men love. If you love bright colors and bold patterns, then this is the sock for you!


The Convenience

It's convenient to have a sock of the month club because it saves you from having to think about what socks to wear. Plus, it's cool when you receive new socks in the mail that are different than your regular socks. And, it's a great gift for friends and family members who are hard-to-buy for. It can also be an awesome way to build up your wardrobe with fun colors and patterns!


The Price

A sock subscription is a great gift idea for the hard-to-shop-for guy in your life, or an awesome present to get yourself! With our sock club, you'll never be bored with your socks again. Our monthly sock selections are curated by a team of fashion experts and come in three size groups, so that you can find a style that fits your needs.
We have socks for every occasion from dress to casual, and different designs like stripes, polka dots and even sports team logos.
We offer free shipping on all orders over $20, as well as incredible discounts on bulk orders.


How it Works

Every month, we send youurl some incredible socks to your door. It's a sock subscription club so you don't have to worry about buying socks anymore. The perfect gift for anyone who wants something special delivered right to them. There are two membership types - one for men and one for women. In the past, all our socks have been men's, but now we offer a few styles in both men's and women's sizes. Our mens purple ankle socks are our most popular style as they can be worn during any season and with any outfit! mens colourful socks are another great option as they come in many fun patterns. Plus, our fun dress socks make it easy to elevate an everyday outfit into something more formal or stylish.