Sock of the Month Club? Why You Should Join">sock of the month Club? Why You Should Join

Does the thought of matching your socks put you to sleep? Sock subscriptions like Philosockphy, deliver unique, fun and stylish socks right to your door each month so you can look your best, even while lounging around the house! If you’re ready to show off your socks on Instagram without getting bored and do it in style, here are three reasons why you should join the">sock of the month club today!

Have you ever had an obsession with socks?

I've always had an obsession with socks. When I was a little kid, I would pull out my mom's pantyhose drawer and go crazy trying on all sorts of colorful and wacky hosiery. Later, when she asked me what I was doing, I would say that I liked how they felt. And now, whenever someone asks me if I'm interested in a sock subscription, or something like that, my first reaction is always—are these socks? Because it's hard to get as excited about anything else (unless you're talking about slippers).">sock of the month subscriptions are having a moment

People love socks, and these subscriptions make it easy to have a new pair shipped to your door every month. But what’s really great about sock subscriptions is that they make it easy to get into sock philosophy: What's your favorite type of sock? What makes a good sock in your opinion? Where do you buy your socks and how often do you buy them? These are big questions, my friends—and they're questions you should ask yourself if you want to take your (sock) game to another level. Once you start asking yourself questions like these, people will be paying attention.

What do Philosophers and Socks Have in Common?

Although socks and philosophy seem disparate topics, when put together, both can help us navigate life with better focus. That’s why I created Philosockphy, a">sock of the month club where each month, members get a philosophy-themed pair of socks along with educational resources to help them apply their love for learning to their socks. So grab your favorite coffee or tea and join me on a journey through how both socks and philosophical thought can change your life!

People who love socks get each month's sock fresh from their mailman, which brings them closer to receiving other things in life.

Philosockphy is an awesome tool for tracking and receiving new items. If you're a sock-lover and want to join my Philosockphy club, comment with your email. I'll add you to my list! Let's meet and share our sock-love in person! Tell me why you want to join or if I should send something else each month, and where it should come from. Whatever it is, be specific so I can honor your wish without having to write a 10-page essay each time (or should that be socky?).

The Best Part About Subscribing To a">sock of the month Club

There’s no better feeling than having a package waiting for you at home. But that’s not even half of it. The best part about joining sock clubs is that, in addition to getting regular packages, each one is unique and often comes with really cool items like stickers or t-shirts that are specific to that club. And while socks alone may not sound so exciting, they usually include some pretty fun designs too. The bottom line is, every month you get a package in your mailbox that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise—and if socks are your thing (or even if they aren’t), what’s there to lose?

Interested in joining a sock club, but don't know where to start?

Many people are interested in joining a sock club but don't know where to start. Luckily, there are a ton of different clubs out there to join. There's even a sock club that sends you six pairs of socks every month! Most sock clubs will cost around $30-$40 per month for two pairs of socks and additional charges if you want other merchandise such as shirts or tote bags with your favorite character on it. If you're looking for something less expensive, you can always buy your own socks on Amazon and organize your own sock exchange parties with friends. So now that we've covered why you should join a sock club, here's some fun ideas how to show off those fun new socks on Instagram!

Help! My Wife (or Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Thinks I'm Crazy For Joining a Sock Subscription. What Do I Do?

If your significant other thinks you're a little off for joining a sock subscription, let them know that it's not just socks, it's accessories. The">sock of the month Club sends out high-quality gift items that they also put an equal amount of love into choosing. If you've ever seen pictures from inside their office, then you'd understand how passionate they are about quality, design and helping customers. They don't choose any old item to send out in your monthly package; instead, each month is specially curated based on season or event.

A Long List Of Great Reasons To Start A Monthly Sock Delivery Service.