Sock of the Month Club: Why I'm Hooked


The first time I was introduced to the sock of the month club, I had no idea what to expect. But, as soon as I received my very first pair of socks, I was sold! These particular socks were perfectly suited to my personality and I loved them! That’s why today, I’m sharing with you my thoughts on this unique subscription service and why I think everyone who loves getting socks in the mail should give it a shot!


What are sock of the month clubs?

sock of the month Clubs are monthly sock subscriptions that deliver a pair of fun and exciting socks to your doorstep every month. These sock subscriptions also come with a card containing a new recipe or cocktail suggestion. There are tons of different Socks of the Month Clubs out there, so you can choose one based on your needs. For example, some companies offer purple mens ankle socks or colourful dress socks for men. One company sends crazy color dress socks and cool socks for men while another sends awesome ankle socks and crew socks. You can also find Socks of The Month Clubs that send fun mens ankle socks or mens purple ankle socks or just regular funky coloured dress socks for men (and all other kinds).


Is it worth it?

The sock of the month Club by Crew Socks is awesome! They have so many fun, different styles for men and women. This club was a perfect Christmas present for my husband. The socks are colorful, soft, and have designs that he likes to wear. The company has a great selection for men with different tastes--funky, sophisticated or just plain crazy socks. They offer an awesome variety with some cool brands like Happy Socks and Stance! What's not to love?


My 3 favorite sock of the month clubs.

The sock of the month Club is an awesome gift idea and one that's been trending in recent years. There are a handful of sock clubs to choose from and I can't wait to share my three favorites with you! The first sock club is called, The Socksmith and they offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles for every kind of guy. They even have a fun socks subscription for kids! The Funky Socks Company offers great designs for both men and women alike. And lastly, there's Sock It To Me - which offers such unique designs that it'll be hard not to get hooked on their socks.


And why I love them...

For me, it's not just about getting a new pair of socks every month. It's about waking up and having something to look forward to each day when they arrive in the mail. And while this may sound like an over-the-top luxury, it is actually quite affordable for everyone. There are options for everyone from as low as $15 per month to subscriptions that go up to $35 per month (I even have a friend who does it for her dog). The best part? You get a better quality sock than what you would find at your local store. The socks are made from 100% combed cotton and have a reinforced heel and toe, so they last significantly longer than your average run-of-the-mill sock.