Sock of the Month Club: Which Subscription is Best For You?


sock of the month clubs are one of the most popular monthly subscription services on the market, with new sock subscription companies popping up every month or so. Before signing up for one of these sock subscription services, it’s important to consider your sock needs and figure out which type of subscription will best meet your sock needs. In this article, you’ll learn about three different types of sock subscriptions and which types are best suited to your sock desires. These include: men’s only, women’s only and unisex, where you can get socks that can be worn by both genders.



One option for a sock subscription would be GoldieBlox. They have three options that cater to different needs. The Basic Box includes 3 pairs of socks for $12, which are usually average ankle socks with fun designs. The Plus Box includes 4 pairs of socks that are typically dress socks in fun designs, and it costs $20 per month. Finally, the Deluxe Box has 8 pairs of cool crew-length socks in funky patterns and colors, costing $30 per month. All three subscriptions offer gift wrapping, free shipping on orders over $50, and an added mystery gift each time you order!


J&D’s Foods

J&D's Foods has a monthly sock subscription club for men. We offer different types of socks including colorful dress socks, cool mens socks, and fun ankle socks. We also have a wide range of colors and patterns in our sock club. The best thing about our monthly sock subscription service is that you can choose to receive one pair of socks each month or have four pairs delivered at once. No matter what you are looking for in your sock subscription, we have something for you.


The Happy Toe

You may have been wondering what's so great about socks. The answer: there's a lot! A sock subscription is a perfect gift for men and women, because it gives you a chance to enjoy what you love without even having to choose it! The Happy Toe has an awesome selection of funky, cool, and crazy socks that are perfect for anyone that likes to wear fun and colorful clothing. Whether you're looking for stylish dress socks or colorful ankle socks, we have your needs covered with one stop shopping! We also offer personalized gifts for any occasion. We want your feet to be happy, so give us a try today!


Happy Socks

We've got something for everyone. Happy Socks offers a diverse range of socks that are perfect for any occasion or style preference. Our sock subscription service provides you with a monthly delivery of three pair of socks, each designed with a different theme so you're guaranteed to get something that matches your tastes and interests. And if you don't find anything your liking, we'll do our best to make sure you're satisfied with your next order.