Sock of the Month Club: Which Material is Best for Socks? Cotton, New Wool or Cashmere

sock of the month Club: Which Material is Best for Socks? Cotton, New Wool or Cashmere

Tired of the same old socks you find at the grocery store? You aren’t alone! That’s why The sock of the month Club was founded by three lifelong friends who wanted to make sock shopping more exciting and enjoyable. Every month, subscribers receive a high quality pair of men’s or women’s socks hand-picked by one of the club owners, whether that means comfort and warmth or something more colorful and fun. This month, I reviewed all three types of sock materials to help subscribers decide which type of material is best for their needs – read on to learn more!


Why We Started a sock of the month Club

We launched our sock club because we saw a need for quality and fun socks that are too often overlooked as a men's accessory. It seemed like every time you went to buy socks, you had to decide between boring black dress socks and crazy bright neon colored ones. And while black dress socks are great sometimes, they're not really what most guys want in their sock drawer. We wanted something in-between - so we created a sock club that sends mens colorful socks (and other cool items) to your door every month.


The Most Popular Types of Men’s Socks

The most popular types of men's socks are cotton, new wool and cashmere. Cotton socks are great because they're inexpensive. You can find them at any store in your area that sells clothing or fabric. They're also easy to care for - just wash and tumble dry them. A downside to cotton socks is that they don't last as long as other types of fabrics do. New wool socks are made from a mixture of fine merino wool fibers with other fibers like nylon, acrylics and silk so they look nice too. One problem with new wool socks is that they are more expensive than cotton socks but you'll have a pair that will last you years if you take care of it properly.


Benefits of Buying Men’s Legwear Online

The benefits of buying men's legwear online are clear and simple. Firstly, you have access to a huge range of styles and types in one place. Secondly, you don't need to worry about fit because all socks come in a range of sizes (from small to extra large) and lengths (from ankle socks up to crew socks). Finally, it takes the stress out of shopping because you can browse from home and know that no matter what your size or style preferences are there will be something waiting for you on your doorstep when you're ready.


How Quality Legwear Lasts Longer

There are a lot of things that can happen to your socks while you wear them. The most common are snags from tights and shoes, pilling from being washed too many times and holes from walking on a nail. All these things will shorten the lifespan of your socks. Pilling happens when we're washing our clothes too often and ruining their natural coat. If we're not washing them enough then there's more chance for bacteria to grow in your sock causing odor which eventually leads to holes because bacteria eat away at fabric. We recommend a quality sock subscription service like the sock of the month Club where you'll receive fresh pairs every month with less chances for those problems to happen.


How to Care for Men’s Dress Pants and Trousers

To care for your dress trousers and trousers, wash them separately in cold water and do not use fabric softener. Hang to dry. Trousers can be ironed with a warm iron if needed. If you want to keep your trousers looking sharp at all times, it's best to hand-wash them. For dress pants that are made from wool or cashmere, use a lanolin-based wool soap and lukewarm water when hand washing them. After washing, squeeze out excess water and gently roll in a towel so they're damp but not wet before hanging up to dry on the clothesline or indoors near an air conditioner vent. By following these steps you will have clean trousers that look great no matter what!


What If I Need To Return Something?

All sales are final. Returns and exchanges may be handled on a case by case basis.
We want you to love your socks! However, if they don't work out we will happily provide a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.


How Do I Know If My Size Is Right For Me?

This can be a tricky question to answer. If you are purchasing socks as a gift, it's best to ask the recipient what size they wear. Otherwise, measure your foot length from toe to heel and compare it with our measurement charts to see which size will work best for you. The most accurate way to measure your foot length is by using a cloth measuring tape and not a ruler (as this may be slightly off). If you are still unsure about what size you should order, please contact us and we will be happy to help!