Sock of the Month Club: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks


Can’t decide between the tie or socks? Don’t worry; you don’t have to choose anymore with sock of the month Club! Every month, we will send you not one but two pairs of our specially curated and stylish socks right to your doorstep in the most convenient way possible! Now, let’s talk about what your choice of tie says about you, according to our special sock subscription...


3 Men’s Fashion Tips from a Sock

It’s never been easier for men to find and buy great dress socks with a sock subscription or online shopping. There are some cool socks for men that are unique and fun, which can set you apart from everyone else in your office. Our sock club gives you a gift every month and saves you time trying to find a cool pair of dress socks or funky cool socks for men. Plus, we have crazy color ankle socks that will be sure to make an impression on those around you!


Step 1. Let your outfit speak for itself

Who doesn't love a good pair of dress socks? As soon as you walk out your door in those new dress socks and get that first compliment, you know it was worth it. But what about the days when we don't have time for our favorite footwear? Enter our friends at sock of the month Club. Our motto is When life gets in the way. We offer subscriptions for both mens and womens socks so you can be confident knowing you'll have awesome socks no matter what life throws at you. Are you an outdoorsy guy? We've got crazy color dress socks just for you! These are some quick and easy ways to show off your personality without having to say a word or spend too much time thinking about it!


Step 2. Keep colors solid

Mens Purple ankle socks
mens colourful socks
Mens colorful socks
Mens ankle socks


Step 3. Keep patterns minimal

Just as your tie is a reflection of your personality, so are your socks. While there's no question that they can be fun and add a little punch to an outfit (especially when worn with some crazy shoes), they can also have meaning beyond color and pattern. Here are some ways in which you can tell what someone's personality is like just by looking at their socks.
Step 1. Write down three words or phrases that would be appropriate for this blog post (four sentences)
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