Sock of the Month Club: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks


A sock of the month club sounds like the perfect gift for your snobbish, highfalutin uncle, doesn’t it? But it might just be the perfect gift for you, too. If you’re unfamiliar with sock of the month clubs, they’re an amazing way to surprise and delight someone every month by giving them something new and exciting to wear on their feet! But there’s actually some pretty deep symbolism involved with wearing socks in the first place, too, so let’s take a look at what your choice in socks says about you


The Necktie

A necktie is an essential accessory for any professional man. But, in today's fashion world it's not just about the necktie. The socks you wear with your tie can help you tell what kind of person you are. For example, some people might say that mens colorful socks or ankle socks indicate a playful personality while others would argue that they show a more conservative personality. If you're looking for a gift idea for your dad or brother (or anyone else who has everything), get them a sock subscription! They'll love getting something new and exciting every month. And if he doesn't have anything already then this would be perfect because it's something he wouldn't buy himself which means he'll be very excited when his package arrives in the mail!


The Bowtie

Every man needs at least one great tie in their closet. But how do you know which one will be your go-to? Well, lucky for you there's a simple way to figure it out. Just take a look at your socks drawer and find the bowtie that matches your favorite pair!


The ascot

An ascot is a type of neck-wear that is used for formal occasions. It has a long history going back as far as ancient Greece. Usually made from silk, an ascot can be worn with a shirt and tie or a dinner jacket. It's typically not worn with anything other than a collared shirt so it can be tucked in. The only exception being if the wearer is wearing both an ascot and a bow tie at which point it may be worn with just about anything!


The Hanky

Socks can be a great gift for any guy in your life! But what if you don't know his size? Or you just want to add some fun socks and not spend $25 on each pair? Enter The Hanky. The Hanky is a monthly sock subscription service that sends two pairs of men's socks every month. You can opt for one color or two colors, and they will send anywhere from dress socks to crazy color dress socks! Plus, they have cool mens socks and all sorts of other styles. If you know someone who loves novelty clothing or just wants some fun new socks every month, this is a great gift idea!