Sock of the Month Club: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks


How much do your socks say about you? A lot, apparently. According to the sock of the month Club, your choice of socks, just like your choice of tie, reveals certain things about who you are and what you’re about – things you might not even realize about yourself! Don’t believe it? Read on to see how your socks tell the story of who you are – from the most conservative socks in the bunch to the wackiest... and everything in between!


What your black tie says about you

A black tie is elegant and formal. Black ties are often worn for special occasions like weddings and galas. Ties say a lot about us - they can tell people what our personality is like or what type of person we are by the color or pattern that's on them. The socks you wear with your black tie will also give people an impression about who you are.


What your bow tie says about you

ankle socks are a great way to show off a little personality and have a blast with your socks. The trend has been catching on ever since Birkenstocks made it cool. They've been around for centuries now and are popping up in more formal situations than ever before. On top of that, they're perfect for any weather condition! ankle socks come in every color imaginable and you can't go wrong with any pattern or design; there's even cool ones that light up at night!


What your polka dot tie says about you

Polka dots are a classic pattern with many variations. They can be found in everything from clothing to cars and pancakes! Polka dot ties are often worn by confident men who want people to know they mean business. If you're wearing a polka dot tie today, it's likely that you're not afraid of much--you know what you want and usually get it. You're also creative and have fun with life. You don't take yourself too seriously and are laid-back about most things in life.


What your tartan tie says about you

Every man needs a good tie in his closet. But what does your tie say about you? It turns out that while men's ties are traditionally seen as a one-size-fits-all fashion item, they can actually say quite a bit about their wearers. Let's take a look at some classic tartans and see what they say about you.


How to become more stylish like Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is always one for a good suit, but he's also known for his colorful socks. In fact, Bill Clinton has so many different color socks that he had an entire line made just for him with sock of the month Club. It seems like Bill Clinton has a style rule that says wearing more colors doesn't hurt. He often pairs dark suits with brightly colored dress socks and colorful ankle socks too. Bright colors are definitely his go-to when it comes to dressing up!