Sock of the Month Club- What are You Waiting For?


Imagine getting a new pair of socks delivered to your door every month, and not just any old sock either- one that you would have picked out yourself. That’s the idea behind the sock of the month Club; they send you unique, high-quality socks that are as comfortable as they are stylish, which means you don’t have to waste time at the store sifting through piles of boring, mundane socks in hopes of finding something you like. If you enjoy great socks and want to find out more about this sock of the month club, keep reading!


Benefits of a sock subscription

A sock subscription is a great gift for the man in your life, or for yourself. It's an easy way to get new socks each month and not have to worry about running out! Plus, you'll be able to add a little something extra to your gift by picking out a fun pair of socks that won't be found at his local store. This is also a great option if you're looking for socks with certain qualities like colorfastness or ones that are anti-microbial. And unlike other monthly subscriptions, socks can easily last up to two years depending on how often they're worn!


Interesting facts about socks

Did you know that socks were invented in northern Italy in 1666, when a thin type of cloth called lisle was used to cover feet and protect them from chafing, cold and dampness? Not only does wearing socks keep your feet warm, but it also can help prevent fungus from growing on your toes. One more thing you may not know is that there are many different types of socks out there for men. Whether you're looking for crazy color dress socks or fun men's ankle socks, we have them all at sock of the month Club! We have the best sock subscription service. We offer an awesome sock club where you receive new pairs delivered to your doorstep each month.


The process to getting a pair every month

To join a sock of the month club all you need to do is sign up and pick your subscription. With every order, you will get a pair of new socks delivered to your door that is guaranteed to be worth more than what you paid. There is also a variety of different options for size, color, and style so that you can find the perfect pair for you. The best part about joining these clubs is that they come with free shipping! And if it's not your thing, there are plenty more gifts out there to choose from.


A great gift idea

What better way to help out your dad, brother, or any other man in your life than to get him a subscription to a sock club. If you’re not sure what he would like, then it may be worth it to try one of these sock clubs that have fun socks for men. A great company is sock of the month Club, where they send out a new pair of funky socks every month (or every other month depending on the plan). They have a variety of different plans so you can subscribe for 6 months and get two pairs per month or 12 months and get four pairs per year. So what are you waiting for? Order one now!