Sock of the Month Club- What are you waiting for?

sock of the month Club- What are you waiting for?

How often do you buy new socks? Every month? Every two months? If the answer to that question is yes, then your new favorite thing has arrived! sock of the month Club is a subscription service that delivers brand new pairs of fun and fresh socks straight to your door each month. Each month brings different sock styles, so you can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this great offer today, and get the best socks delivered right to your door!

Why you should start a sock subscription

socks subscriptions are always a fun gift to give and receive, so why not get yourself one that sends you a new pair of socks every month? It’s a great way to keep your favorite pairs fresh and replace older ones that have worn out. So whether you’re looking for socks with unique designs or high quality textiles, there is probably a sock subscription out there waiting for you. And if not, it’s easy to start your own sock subscription business!

How to get started

So you’re interested in starting a sock of the month club, and understandably so. Not only is it an awesome idea (who doesn’t love cool socks?) but a sock of the month club could be quite profitable as well. If you’re intrigued by starting your own, read on to get some tips from other business owners who have been there before you. They will help guide your steps and make sure that your new business is off to a great start! (For more about starting a business, check out 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business.)

Pros and Cons of sock subscriptions

You might think that a sock subscription is something only women would be interested in, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you’re not into wearing different types of socks every day, sock subscriptions make great gifts—and men can be just as particular about their socks as women. Some people even collect fun socks, which can make them a perfect addition to any sock collection. It's also worth pointing out that there's nothing generic about these kinds of socks; they're designed by real fashion designers, who specialize in giving each set its own distinct look and feel. From stripes to polka dots to wild color combinations and fabrics like cashmere or silk, there’s something for everyone on these subscriptions.

All things socks

The sock of the month club may seem like a trivial gift idea, but they really make an impression. Socks are typically neglected by men who view them as an accessory with limited function. Your dad, brother or man friend will be surprised when he receives socks every month which also have extra meaning! Plus, these socks will last longer than regular socks because they’re made with premium materials such as Merino wool and spandex. Toss in some swag like a keychain or a tote bag and create your own sock mancrate. He’ll love receiving new designer styles every month and showing off his cool socks on social media—which is one more reason why these gifts have staying power! And did we mention that every pair has a story?

The best sock subscription companies

Best sock of the month Clubs For Men & Women: The Wool Socks Club, Bombas, Awake&Fancy FREE: Want cool socks without paying a subscription fee every month? These sock companies will give you a free pair once or twice a year—or even more often. Buy them and keep them forever! Top Companies That Give Away Free Socks: I think that it's great when companies offer free socks (which is just another way of saying they're not charging me an arm and a leg). The best part is that since they're offering these freebies as an incentive, they'll likely be high quality wool socks. Keep in mind that some offers may only be good while supplies last. If that's the case then sign up quickly!