Sock of the Month Club: The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women


I love getting socks as gifts. No, I mean I really love it! And if you’re the kind of person who loves socks too, then you’ll find nothing more perfect than a sock of the month club subscription – not only do you get to receive pairs of great socks in the mail on a regular basis, but you get to give this great gift to people in your life as well! It’s the perfect kind of gift when you don’t know what to get someone and they either have everything they could need or they are impossible to shop for.


Why Choose A Monthly sock subscription?

The sock of the month club is a great gift idea that can be used year round. It's a good way to keep your feet warm in winter without having to worry about buying socks every month. You're also less likely to run out, so you'll always have socks! Plus, it's really easy to set up an account. All you need is your name and email address and you can get started right away.


Is it a good gift idea?

Men's sock subscription boxes are a great gift idea, because they're something that you might not think to buy yourself but will be happy to receive. That's why so many sock subscriptions are available in different styles like colorful socks, dress socks, crew socks, cool ankle socks and crazy color dress socks. You can choose from a variety of gifts depending on your budget or recipient's interests like men's purple ankle socks or mens colourful knee high socks. So what should you look for when choosing a subscription?
-The duration of the subscription is an important factor because some subscriptions only last for one month while others last six months or more.


What are the different types of sock subscriptions available?

The sock of the month Club offers a variety of sock types including ankle socks, crew socks, dress socks, and fun dress socks. There are three different levels to choose from depending on what type you're looking for.
The first is our LITE level which includes two pairs of men's ankle socks or ladies ankle socks. For $12/month you will receive 2 pairs with a value over $24. This is a good option if you just want one pair or if your budget is tight! The next level is our BASIC level which includes 3-4 pairs of men's colorful ankle socks or ladies colorful ankle socks. For $18/month you will receive 3-4 pairs with a value over $36-$48 depending on how many there are.


Benefits of Having an Annual sock subscription

Many people have a difficult time finding gifts that will be appreciated by their loved ones. If you are looking to give a gift that is sure to be enjoyed, consider giving the gift of socks! With sock of the month Club, your loved one will receive monthly packages in their mailbox filled with fun and funky socks. Plus, this is an exclusive service as there are only 30 subscriptions available each year! You can't get much more personalized than that!


Why choose us?

With a sock of the month club, you can give your loved ones socks every single month. It's a perfect gift for both men and women who love socks. We offer an assortment of colors, patterns, styles and sizes so you can be sure to find something they'll love. Plus, our team personally selects each pair to ensure that it meets our high standards. Check out our selection today!