Sock of the Month Club: The Subscription That Keeps Your Feet Happy

sock of the month Club: The Subscription That Keeps Your Feet Happy

If you’re like most people, you’ve got several pairs of socks in your dresser drawer that you only wear once or twice before they join the rest of the socks that need to be tossed out (or recycled). Whether it’s because they lost their elasticity, didn’t fit right or just looked boring and colorless, you probably don’t wear them anymore. And let’s face it - socks are meant to be worn often, but how many people really want to do laundry every day?

An Introduction
Philosockphy is a new sock subscription that provides a stylish new pair of socks every month. Whether you’re looking for patterned, solid or dress socks, Philosockphy has options available to you. With a three-month plan, users can choose from more than 15 styles—including anklets and no-show socks—and customize how many each month they want with ease. The company can even send as many packages as you like within a year if your feet never seem to get enough happiness.

How Does it Work?
Philosockphy is an online sock subscription service that sends you a different pair of high-quality socks every month. You’ll never have to run out and buy socks again, instead you can focus on more important things—like sipping lattes or watching your favorite team on TV. They have several options for men and women, all designed with top quality and comfort in mind. Their sock of the month Club has quickly become one of their most popular services, but they also offer other monthly subscriptions like their Slipper & Cozy option for those who want something warm and comfortable to wear at home in between trips to a cold kitchen. All plans come with free shipping and include exchanges if there's a pair you just don't love.

Why Should I Sign Up?
If you’re like most people, you probably have more clothes than socks. And if you’re anything like us, your sock drawer is usually a mess—with mismatched, stale and old socks that no longer fit properly. With sock of the month, you can fix all that. Every month, new socks will arrive on your doorstep until your sock drawer is once again as tidy as it should be. They’ll also keep your feet warm and in good shape all year long!

Is It Worth the Price?
Most sock subscriptions cost around $10 per month. Are you getting a decent value for that price? When evaluating whether to subscribe to something, it's important to ask yourself how much value you actually receive for what you pay. When it comes to subscription services, it's smart to stick with brands that are known for quality, such as those listed in Consumer Reports or on best products lists published by your favorite lifestyle blogs. Another good rule of thumb is not to buy subscriptions from brands you haven't heard of before, even if they seem like a good deal. After all, who knows if their quality standards are high enough? You might end up disappointed when socks start piling up and wearing thin too quickly!

Shipping and Returns
Purchasing socks by subscription may save you money, depending on your sock consumption. Here's a calculation based on three pairs per month: If you were to purchase 12 pairs of socks at $10 per pair (the typical cost in stores), your total would be $120. If you signed up for a sock-of-the-month club, which charges about $20 for three pairs and shipping, you'd pay about $40 for 12 months worth of socks. However, depending on what kind of socks you receive and how much they're worth to you, saving money may not be possible—after all, paying full price for quality doesn't seem like such a bad deal when your feet feel good at work every day.

How Can I Save Money?
If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a new look, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, socks are one way to add color and style without breaking your budget. A sock subscription is a great way to always have something new and exciting at an affordable price. You can choose from hundreds of different styles and designs, from classic argyles and fun polka dots to ornate stripes and leopard print; if you want just socks or want multiple pairs for every day, we've got you covered. With subscriptions starting as low as $8 per month, why not try out our sock club? You may be surprised at how much fun (and how much cash) you can save!