Sock of the Month Club: The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

sock of the month Club: The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

You know who they are: the people who have everything but could still use just one more pair of socks, and you don’t know what to buy them. So, why not give them the gift of socks? With the sock of the month club, they’ll receive four pairs of new, fun socks delivered to their door every month without fail. If you can’t think of the right present this year, consider this practical and fun gift idea instead!


Introducing the sock of the month Club

The best crew socks is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers fresh, fun, and colorful socks straight to your door. They offer two types of subscriptions, one for men and one for women. There are four different options to choose from which include a 3 month plan, a 6 month plan, an annual plan, or a one time purchase. Additionally each type has two different packages you can choose from with the exception of the annual subscription which only has one package available. The packages are called Cool and Awesome and they consist of 12 pairs each. If you are looking to buy yourself or someone else some cool socks this holiday season then this could be your best bet!


How it works

A sock of the month club is a perfect gift for that person in your life who loves socks. You can choose to get a monthly subscription or you can subscribe to one, three, six, or twelve months. With this gift they will receive one pair of socks delivered to them at their doorstep every month!
For socks that are very colorful and funky there are many choices to choose from including ankle socks and crew socks. There is also men's colored socks as well as women's colored ankle socks. If you're looking for cool crew or ankle socks, then you'll be able to find those too!


The benefits of joining

It's difficult to find a gift that someone will truly love and cherish. But what if you could give them a gift that they would get excited about every month? And not just any socks, but colorful socks from all over the world! This is why we're here to help make your gift giving easier this holiday season.
You'll be able to give them a sock-of-the-month subscription, which includes at least one pair of colorful ankle socks delivered to their door each month for three months or six months. It's perfect for those who are hard to buy for and has been proven time and time again as the best sock subscription on earth!


Why socks make the perfect gift

The best sock subscription is a gift that will provide them with socks for months to come. They'll receive a new pair delivered every month, and you can even customize their first package! There are so many different types of socks out there - from crazy color dress socks to fun men's ankle socks to fun socks for men - so get them something they'll really love! One thing is for sure: you can never have too many pairs of awesome socks club.


How to sign up

A new subscription service that delivers a new pair of socks each month to your door! Whether you're looking for plain white socks, or funky brightly-colored dress socks, we've got you covered. Our sock club is a monthly gift for all our members, no matter what their style. We have all kinds - from cushy winter woolies to go with your boots and scarves to stylish ankle socks and colorful crew socks (not to mention the wilder patterns and holiday-themed ones!). The best part? We offer free shipping on subscriptions so it's never been easier!