Sock of the Month Club - The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

sock of the month Club - The Perfect Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

If you’re like most people, you know someone who loves socks. Maybe it’s your dad, or your co-worker, or your best friend, or maybe even yourself! No matter who you know who loves socks, here’s the perfect gift to buy them: a sock subscription club! Instead of just giving them another pair of boring socks in their birthday card or at Christmas, start sending them fun and unique socks every month so they have an awesome new pair to wear with everything they own.


Why socks make the perfect gift

Who doesn't love socks? And if you don't, I really don't know what to tell you. What if I told you that socks are way more than just a boring old thing to put on your feet? Socks are awesome and what's even more awesome is how they can be used as an amazing gift!
A sock of the month club is perfect for anyone who loves cool socks because it includes a new pair every single month. You can choose from funky crew socks or awesome ankle socks or any kind of sock that suits your fancy! If you're looking for something fun and colorful, this is definitely the perfect gift for you!


How the sock of the month club works

Each month, a new pair of socks is delivered to your door. Choose from men's crew socks, ankle socks or dress socks and have them sent every month or every other month. There are no commitment fees and you can cancel anytime.
The sock club is an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves cool socks!


The benefits of being a member of the sock of the month club

When you're on the lookout for a gift, look no further than a sock of the month club membership. Everyone loves getting socks, and with this club you'll be able to choose from some fantastic options every single month. Plus, you'll get a new pair of cool socks delivered to your door every month. It doesn't matter what type of socks you want because our monthly sock subscription includes all types! From crew socks to ankle socks, we've got just about any type that will make your feet happy. With our sock club, you can also choose how many pairs you want each time we send out a package: two pairs or four. And did we mention that it's easy to give as well? Just enter their info and they'll get their next gift right on time!


How to sign up for the sock of the month club

You'll receive a new pair of awesome socks delivered to your door each month, with shipping included. You can choose from ankle socks and crew socks, from a variety of colors, patterns and materials. With our monthly sock subscription service you'll never have to worry about running out of fun dress socks or cool mens ankle socks again! Plus, you can skip any month that you're unavailable without being penalized. If you're not sure what kind of sock might be best for someone on your list, we offer a sock gift card so they can pick out their own perfect gift-giving option.