Sock of the Month Club: The Five Best Ways to Fold Your Socks


Of course, you could just shove your socks into the drawer in which you keep them when you’re not wearing them, but that would be quite the unsightly mess, wouldn’t it? No one wants to look at a jumbled mess of mismatched socks every time they open their sock drawer. Fortunately, there are more sophisticated (and space-saving) ways to keep your socks organized and out of sight until the next time you need to wear them. One such way is to use a sock subscription club, like the sock of the month Club from KnitCrate.


The Left Toe Over Method

Many people think that you should roll your socks, but that's a terrible idea. Rolling your socks makes them lumpy, and you'll never be able to find the right one when you need it. One of the best ways to fold your socks is by crossing one over the other so they're flat against each other. This way, they're easy to grab and stack in piles or organize by color.


The Right Corner Up Method

This is one of my favorite ways to fold my socks. It's simple, neat, and easy.
1. Place your sock so that it's on its side with the heel positioned in the left corner of your drawer or cubby. 2. Roll your sock from heel to toe across the short width of your drawer or cubon until it reaches the opposite corner. 3. Then tuck in any loose fabric around your sock and press down firmly on top for a clean look 4. Repeat with all other socks in this drawer or cubby


The Half Moon Method

This method is also called the sock-on-a-rope method, which makes it a good option if you have children in your home. To fold your socks using this method, start by taking off both socks and putting them together so that their toes are touching. Next, take one sock and fold it over so that its toe is now touching the other sock's heel. Now do the same with the other sock, folding it over so that its toe is now touching the other sock's heel. Now you will have two halves of socks where each one has been folded into quarters.


The Valley Fold

The first, and most popular, is what we call the Valley Fold. You will be folding your socks so that they have a neat appearance, but they are not too tight. This fold is ideal for dress socks and ankle socks.
1. Place your sock on a flat surface with the heel at one end and then roll it up over its toes.
2. Take the opposite side of your sock and pull it over so that it covers your heel and rolls up over its toes in turn, creating a neat little package with two folds on either side of a row of five or six small loops at one end.
3. Grasp one loop from each side between thumb and forefinger as if you were about to pull them apart, but don't!


Start with a half moon fold and finish with a valley fold.

A half moon fold is done by first taking one sock and laying it on top of another. Next, you take the bottom edge and fold it up over the top edge so that they are touching. Then, you take the left side and fold it over to meet with the right side. Finally, you roll all three edges (top and both sides) towards each other until they're meeting at a point in the middle.


5 Easy Steps To A Neatly Fitted Shirt

1) Holding the shirt in front of you, fold it in half and then again.
2) Take one sleeve and fold it inside out. 2) Make sure to line up any buttons or decorations. 3) Take the other sleeve and do the same thing. 4) Fold both sleeves into each side of your shirt so they are neatly tucked in-between layers. 5) Roll up your sleeves so they don't get creased while you're wearing them.