Sock of the Month Club: The Comeback of a Trendy Subscription

sock of the month Club: The Comeback of a Trendy Subscription

(insert website name) sock of the month Club lets you sample many different types of socks without having to buy them all at once and regretting it later, because each month brings with it a new pair of socks that you’re sure to love! These are the best of the best socks that we have compiled in our search for the most stylish socks on the market. From brightly colored knee-highs and argyle socks to classic wool men’s dress socks, we’ve got you covered from head to toe this winter!

A brief history

In 1978, Madeline Poole saw an ad in a newspaper for A sock of the month club. She immediately wanted to start one. At that time she was working for her mother’s company, Stitch 'n Time, which sold knitting and sewing supplies. She used her mother's mailing list to set up a mail-order business which sent out twelve pairs of hand-knit socks every month. She soon realized that there were many men who would like to receive a pair of socks as well so she started sending them two pairs each month.

How to choose your sock subscription

A sock of the month club is great way to spice up your sock drawer and get new socks regularly. There are lots of options out there, but you’ll want to consider 3 things when choosing your subscription. First, how many pairs do you want? Do you like matching pairings or are you looking for variety? Second, how often do you want to receive your shipment? Will it be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly? Third, how colorful do you want them to be? If you choose a colorful design subscription box your boxes will usually come with 3-5 designs in every shipment.

What are the benefits?

In fashion, trends come and go faster than they used to. This means that retailers and brand owners alike have to respond faster in order to stay relevant in their respective markets. For example, when sock sales are on an upward swing, businesses need to be able to jump onto that trend quickly enough so as not to lose customers. One great way for brands to address trends is through subscription services; when you look at it that way, starting up a sock-of-the-month club isn’t really that crazy—it’s actually pretty genius.

How can you save money?

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