Sock of the Month Club: The Comeback Kid

sock of the month Club: The Comeback Kid

sock of the month clubs were all the rage in the ’80s, but they fell out of favor after the fad faded away. The businesses and subscriptions may have gone away, but you can find plenty of these services still around if you know where to look—and if you’re willing to pay a premium price to receive your socks by mail on a monthly basis. Here are some tips on how to find the best sock of the month club so you can find that nostalgia and novelty in your life again!


sock of the month Club was popular in the past

The sock of the month Club was a wildly popular way for people to receive new socks each month, from fun dress socks to crazy color dress socks. But as time went on and society progressed, some saw it as just another monthly subscription that people can't afford. Time has passed and now the sock craze is back with a vengeance! Crazy crew socks are being made, ankle socks are in style again, and there are more options than ever before when it comes to colorful socks. With so many ways to show off your personality through your footwear, it's no wonder that this trend is making a comeback. There really is something for everyone when it comes to unique socks so if you're looking for a gift idea or want something new in your life- give sock club a try!


The club is making a comeback

crazy socks are making a comeback, and we're not talking about your weird uncle's bright blue lace-up dress shoes. We're talking about ankle socks for men that match your favorite team's colors or funky patterns that you can wear with a suit. cool mens socks have been around since the time of King Louis XIV, but they've seen a resurgence in recent years. They have taken on a new persona as colorful socks for men and as colorful dress socks, too. Nowadays, you can even find cool sock subscriptions to make it easier than ever to get fresh pairs in the mail every month!


New features of the club

The sock of the month Club is making a comeback with new features to keep up with today's changing consumer needs. Forget about mundane, boring socks, our club has all sorts of crazy socks for every personality.
We offer awesome ankle socks, colorful crew socks, funky dress sock and most importantly, fun men's ankle socks. In case you are looking for something more specific like a certain color or pattern, we also offer custom options where you can choose your own sock style and colors!
It doesn't matter if you want a gift for your friends or family; it's never been easier to make someone smile this holiday season than by getting them one (or more) pairs of our colorful ankle socks!


How to sign up for the club

Signing up for sock of the month Club is easy. For a one-time payment, you'll receive a box of 3 pairs of fun, colorful socks delivered to your door every month. You can cancel anytime and it's perfect for gift giving.
The best part? No more hunting around for fun new socks at your local store!