Sock of the Month Club – The Best Way to Get New Socks Every Month


I love getting new socks every month, but I’ve always felt like they were too expensive to buy one pair at a time. Then I came across the sock of the month Club, where I can get 3 pairs of socks every month for less than the cost of buying just one pair at retail prices! That’s why I love this club and recommend it to anyone who wants to look good and stay comfortable!


What is it?

Are you looking for a gift for your man? Tired of giving him socks every year that he doesn't want? Or maybe you just need some new socks. Whatever the case may be, I have found the perfect sock subscription service for any man in your life. A sock of the month club is exactly what it sounds like: a monthly delivery of new socks. Each month they will send you two pairs of different styles and colors so you never get bored with your pair selection. Plus, they offer both men's and women's sizes so that everyone in your family can join in on the fun!


How does it work?

Signing up for a sock of the month club is so easy. All you need is an email address and then you choose your desired length for your membership and whether you want to receive mens or womens socks. Then, you can pick which type of socks (dress, ankle, or crew) and your style preference (solid color or patterned). Plus, if you're feeling extra fancy that day, there are options for cool socks (think neon striped), fun men's ankle socks in bright colors, funky dress socks in wild patterns and crazy color dress socks.
After that all there is left to do is wait! Each month a new pair of awesome socks will be delivered straight to your door with no strings attached.


Why you should use this service?

The only time I really feel like a grown-up is when I'm getting dressed in my suit and tie. It's just that one day a week where I can be an adult, take care of business and get things done. But let's face it, being an adult takes some serious work too - especially when you have to dress up. Thankfully, not all work has to be so serious. And sometimes it's actually better if you don't have much responsibility at all! Enter the sock-of-the-month club: a monthly subscription for fun socks for men that let me give myself permission to do nothing more than lounge around all day. Not only does it make me feel like a kid again, but these crazy socks also make me look like one too!


Pros and Cons

When I started looking for a sock of the month club, I was really excited. It seemed like a great way to get new socks every month and it could be a gift for friends and family as well. After receiving my first pair in the mail and trying them on, I was disappointed. They were so thin that they felt like they would wear out quickly. Another downside is that there are no fun dress socks or cool crew socks in their selection. This is not a service that I would recommend and would not choose again.