Sock of the Month club: the best way to add some pizazz to your wardrobe

Think about the most influential men in history and you’ll probably come up with names like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Leonardo da Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin. Now look at each of their outfits in your mind and think about the socks that would go with them. Did any one of them wear a pair of boring black socks that could have come from Wal-Mart or Target? Of course not! Each of these men understood that by simply changing the type of socks they wore they could completely change the feel and look of an outfit, and they chose accordingly.

Common Mistakes

1. Wearing socks with sandals. This is a huge no-no as you may have seen on many men in the past. Sandals are not meant for socks and vice versa so it's important that you don't do this.

2. Wearing too many socks or wearing thick, long socks with shorts or pants. Don't be afraid to wear ankle socks for warmth, but make sure they're not too long and that they don't tuck into your shoes or otherwise show at the top of your pants or shorts so they're visible to others. It looks tacky and unprofessional if you put on two pairs of dress socks, one over another, just because you want thicker ones--stick with one pair!

Mix it up with patterns

The sock of the month club delivers a monthly surprise, so there's no need to plan ahead. You can get socks from all different colors and patterns. It's the perfect gift for men who are hard to shop for.

You can get socks in any color or pattern that you want with a sock subscription. Men love it because they don't have to think about what socks they're going wear every day, which gives them more time to do other things! This is also a great gift idea for men who always appreciate fun socks!

Opt for muted colors

If you're looking for a fun and creative gift, try a sock subscription! Whether it's mens purple ankle socks, or mens colorful socks, there are so many options available. If you're not sure what color and style he would like best, opt for something more muted like black dress socks or navy crew socks. This will provide him with a great selection that is sure to please!

Know Your Knit Fabric Types

Different knit fabrics are made from different materials. Cotton, rayon, and wool are just a few examples of materials that can be used in the manufacturing process. They all have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s worth considering which material would work best for you. Here is a breakdown on some of the more popular materials:

1) Cotton- Cotton has a slightly rougher texture than other fibers, but it also absorbs moisture better, dries quicker and is breathable. It is also durable and resistant to wrinkles. The downside? It doesn’t provide as much warmth as other options like wool or cashmere. 2) Rayon- Rayon feels smoother than cotton because it has a silkier feel.

Use Ties as Accessories

Ties are a fantastic accessory for any outfit. Plus, they come in many different colours and patterns, making it easy to find one that matches with whatever you are wearing. They can also be very practical if you need to hold up your pants! So why not use them as an accessory? Whether it's dressing up, dressing down or just adding a bit more colour to your outfit, there are so many ways they can be used.