Sock of the Month Club - The Best Gift for Him

The sock of the month Club is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers quality socks, straight to your man’s door each month. The best part about the club, and what makes it such an awesome gift for him, is that you can customize his monthly delivery based on his style preference, including everything from fun and funky socks to more traditional styles like argyle and solid-colored classics. He will never run out of socks again!

How cool are sock of the month Clubs?
They’re pretty darn cool. At first glance, it seems like a really simple gift to give – socks. But if you’ve ever been a member to a sock-of-the-month club, you know there’s more to them than just plain old socks. First off, they usually come in these cool boxes that are personalized with your name or some other catchy phrase that tells everyone who receives them, Hey! I actually put thought into what I gave you. Secondly, sock-of-the-month clubs tend to be smartly curated and include things beyond socks themselves. Often times, there will be a card game, socks accessories (like matching wallets), socks candy (for added enjoyment) get the idea. All of which make sock-of-the-month clubs pretty great gifts to receive from someone else as well as an awesome gift to give another (especially since sending themed socks is a tad bit more thoughtful than those generic happy birthday cards). Plus, socks come in all sorts of colors and patterns so you have almost limitless options on how personalize your club -- whether you want one pair per month or four pairs per month – different price points available too, so you can fit any budget. Finally, many sock-of-the-month clubs deliver their socks all around America and Europe on a monthly basis meaning that no matter where someone may live now (or somewhere far away they may end up moving), they’ll never run out of socks again!

Why Do Men Love Them?
For most men, socks are something they keep in their dresser. Maybe they wear a pair now and then or maybe they buy themselves a new pair every couple months. But socks just aren’t that exciting! That’s why sock-of-the-month clubs, like Philosocksphy, provide an excellent gift idea for any man who would love to have something cool to wear on his feet every day. Here are three reasons why you should give him a subscription 1. Socks come in all kinds of styles and colors (except pink!). Philosocksphy offers fun socks every month from companies with hundreds of designs to choose from. He’ll get awesome socks from places he wouldn’t even know about otherwise! 2. Nobody wants to spend time searching through socks at department stores—it takes forever because there are so many options! With a sock-of-the-month club, getting socks is super easy: no more waiting around in lines or driving far away to go shopping; it’s as simple as opening your mailbox every month. 3. Getting new socks automatically is great! Every guy needs socks sometimes and with a sock-of-the-month club, he can enjoy getting them without ever having to remember that it’s laundry day—just one less thing on his list of things to worry about! If you want to make sure he gets socks that fit perfectly and look fantastic, socks from a sock-of-the-month club are definitely worth checking out. Plus, if you decide to take part in a sock exchange yourself, we think we could help – check out our unique Monthly Sock Exchanges and see how much fun guys really have wearing different types of socks each month!

What's in a sock?
When you think about gift subscriptions, what comes to mind? Movie tickets? Wine? While these subscription services are a great way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking about them, what if you could give them something personal and fun – like SOCKS?! Well now you can. Introducing one of our favorite subscription boxes: ROTHCO’s Boot Hill Boot Subscription Box! This monthly sock delivery box ships three pairs of durable socks directly to your door step. They may be simple, but they’re anything but boring. In fact, we love them so much we decided to partner with ROTHCO and offer up their iconic Boot Hill series as a Monthly sock of the month club! For less than $8 per month, Rothco will deliver 3 new pairs of socks (valued at $12) right to your doorstep. With socks from today's hottest brands, there is no better time to start receiving a sock subscription. You know what they say A pair of good socks is worth its weight in gold. Sounds about right! So why not give someone special in your life a sock subscription instead of yet another generic gift card or gag present? With ROTHCO’s Monthly Sock Subscription Service it's pretty easy! Choose which style(s) you would like each month and order today! Not only do you get cool socks, it’s also a killer deal – because EVERY order comes with FREE SHIPPING! If your friend (or you!) loves socks then don't wait another minute. Start shopping now and remember to tell all your friends; this deal is sure to go fast!
It's hard to believe February is already here, especially since January felt like an eternity . . . How many times did New Year’s resolutions fade away before even making it into February?

The best gift ideas
If you have a hard time picking out gifts for men, consider signing him up for a sock of the month club. These services, which we love and highly recommend, will keep your favorite guy in high-quality socks. Socks make great gifts; they’re small, thoughtful and useful – all things that guys want from their gifts. And let’s face it: socks are fun to receive! There are many styles of subscription services to choose from but our favorite sock subscription is Socksox. They offer an affordable monthly plan with lots of great designs to choose from. We also really like Nice Laundry, which offers really unique socks with interesting patterns and textiles; if you give one of these as a gift, no doubt he’ll wear them at every opportunity. Do not, however, buy your man socks his family or friends got him for Christmas last year (unless he doesn’t remember). Choose some new ones instead! He might even toss out his old pairs after a nice surprise upgrade. Make sure you check where your boyfriend wears his current pairs so you know how thick or thin they should be – there’s nothing worse than getting warm socks when it gets cold outside, or thick wool ones when it’s hot. Then sign him up for a sock of the month club today. You can thank us later.

Ideal sock gifts for him
A sock of the month club is a great gift idea. When someone joins your sock of the month club, they'll receive a carefully selected pair of socks at their doorstep every month for as long as they'd like. While people are usually excited about getting new socks, you're also gifting them an experience – and it's an experience that keeps on giving! But why do so many businesses pick socks? One reason might be how versatile socks are; we wear them every day no matter what season or weather. Also, we need to replace our socks regularly since they get worn out over time (and not all socks can last forever). You see where I'm going with this; there's just never a bad time to give someone new socks! For years now, there have been companies that specialize in helping people find cool sock gifts for men. It turns out, there's a few cool things about sending guys new pairs of socks every month: 1) It gets expensive when guys buy their own clothes and accessories every week. 2) Socks aren't cool enough for guys to remember to buy themselves – which means they don't always know if they want something until after it arrives in the mail! 3) Guys often forget items if they're forced to take them shopping. As much as I hate being reminded of my past, I love cool ideas. This post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase after clicking through one, Amazon will pay me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for keeping Pop Culture Nerd sustainable!

Who can benefit from sock subscriptions?
Not all men are socks kind of guys. And that’s ok! When it comes to gift giving, what matters most is knowing your recipient. If you’re not sure about their sock preferences, choose something that you know they’ll love. Socks aren’t just worn to keep feet warm and dry anymore— they can be stylish and can even match a wide variety of outfits! As a member of an online sock club, every month you get to pick out (or swap out) two or three pairs of brand new cool socks straight from the mailman! There’s nothing better than getting surprises in your mailbox...and on your feet! :) Memberships cost anywhere from $10-$20 per month and often include free shipping. It’s an affordable luxury that will add some color (literally!) to his wardrobe. These days, cool socks make great stocking stuffers too! Even if he has more socks than he knows what to do with right now; there’s always room for more fun patterns and colors. Some examples of men who could benefit from a monthly subscription to a sock of the month club include: gamers, athletes, college students, teens, fashionistas. Let’s face it: everyone loves cool socks! So next time you want to give him something special and unique as a gift-- don’t forget your own pair when making his selection!

A simple review on sock clubs.
If you’re looking for a nice gift, why not try out a sock club? A sock club allows members to receive monthly deliveries of cool socks. When paired with something like a custom T-shirt subscription service, you’ll be able to give your friends or family an experience they’ll never forget! If you want to learn more about different sock clubs, here are some useful resources. There's even one available on Kickstarter! (If you're new to Kickstarter and curious how it works, check out our guide.) One that might work is called Octopus Socks. This startup in Brooklyn is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for its unusual product: underwater socks for surfing and swimming. Cooler yet? Their initial goal was $10,000 but their project got so much attention, they now have raised over $750,000. Since October 1st is just days away from kicking off their campaign, we asked James Haider, creator of Octopus Socks for some advice on getting started with DIY crowdfunding. [Note: During our chat, he shared tons of tips on creating a successful Kickstarter campaign. Here are five of them.]
[To help reach your funding goals faster, feel free to tweet my interview with James using #KSblog #spreadingthelove ] [Also feel free to send me any other links you think would help fellow entrepreneurs build their business.] Back to your questions... How do I go about setting up my own kickstarter? What can I expect going into such a large undertaking?