Sock of the Month Club: The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

sock of the month Club: The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to let your attention span shrink as well. It’s always good to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself, so why not do that by opening the latest package from your sock subscription box? These products provide you with a new pair of socks to wear every month, so you can enjoy something new and exciting in your wardrobe all year long! Here are nine of the best subscription boxes for men when it comes to socks; be sure to check them out and see what you like best.


1) TreatBox

The monthly sock subscription service is a brilliant way to indulge in your love of socks. With TreatBox, men can receive a box every month filled with five pairs of high-quality socks curated by designers. There are nine different subscription boxes to choose from, including a fun dress socks box or crazy color dress socks. All the subscriptions come with free shipping and the company offers free exchanges if you don't like any of your selections! Plus, TreatBox releases new designs every month so you never know what you'll get! If you're looking for some cool mens socks or fun ankle socks, look no further than TreatBox.


2) Jibbox

This is a list of nine awesome sock subscription boxes for men. Whether you're looking for some colorful socks to brighten up your day, some fancy crew socks to make your feet feel comfortable, or even a gift box full of cool socks, there's something in this list that will fit your needs.
1. Socksmith- $19 per month with free shipping worldwide 2. Stance- $7-$14 per month 3. Bombas- $24 per quarter 4. Sockscribe- $4-$6 per month 5. Darn Tough Vermont Company- $20-$25 per year 6. Sockit To Me -$11 per month 7. Sock Fancy -$12-$18 per quarter 8.


3) Darn Good Yarn

Shipping worldwide, Darn Good Yarn is a sock subscription service that sends you socks every month. For $20 per month, they have three different subscriptions to choose from.
1) sock of the month Club - $20 a month includes 12 pairs of unique and hard-to-find socks delivered in one shipment (every other month).
2) Socks Every Other Month - $10 a month includes six pairs of unique and hard-to-find socks delivered in one shipment (every other month).
3) One Time Purchase - $40 for five pairs of high quality cotton crew length socks


4) Happy socks

Happy Socks is a sock of the month club that sends you new pairs of socks every month. They have a bunch of different subscriptions, so you can opt for colorful ankle socks, crew socks, funky patterned socks, or even just one pair at a time. You can also buy Happy Socks as gifts--they make great stocking stuffers! If you're looking to start your own sock subscription service, they have a few tips on how to get started.


5) Bombfell

Bombfell is a monthly subscription box that delivers premium men's clothing and accessories, handpicked by personal stylists. You fill out a style quiz when you sign up, and Bombfell sends you clothes that match your personal taste. Clothes typically include shoes, socks, ties and more. Plus they offer free shipping both ways!


6) Republic of Tea

If you're a guy looking to spice up your sock drawer, then check out one of these awesome sock subscription boxes. We took the liberty of doing a little research and found nine different monthly sock clubs that will deliver something new to your door each month. Here are our favorites:
-Mens Sock Club ($12 per month) offers socks in unique colorways and patterns with prices starting at $5. They offer an unlimited membership plan for only $36 so you'll never have to worry about running out.
-Mens Purple ankle socks ($11 per pair) will send you high-quality socks on a monthly basis with no commitment necessary.


7) TreeRunner

Happie Co. is a company that sends you new socks every month and they offer a variety of different sock types (ankle, crew, dress, no show, etc) with both patterned and solid colors to suit your needs. You can also get them as a gift by adding them to a care package or choosing to send them as an individual gift! They have quick shipping and often offer discounts on your first order. We are excited to be working with Happie Co. because their socks are high quality without the high price tag.


8) Zbox

Zbox is a monthly sock subscription service that gives you a new pair of socks every month! They have four different plans to choose from, so there is something for everyone. You can choose to receive socks from your favorite professional sports team, or you can opt for their Surprise Me plan and get a surprise every month. You'll also never be stuck with duplicate pairs because Zbox offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! It's tough to find socks in the store that aren't either made entirely out of cotton or made with some synthetic material, but with Zbox you know what you're getting before you even buy it! They have an awesome selection that includes fun men's ankle socks and cool crew socks.


9) Happie Co.

We're a monthly sock subscription that sends pairs of stylish socks to your door every month. There are so many reasons to subscribe- whether you're looking for a fun, personalized gift, want to receive a little something special in the mail each month, or just love wearing super soft socks and want more variety- we've got you covered. Our socks are high quality, come in all sorts of styles, prints and colors (including our new line featuring illustrations from popular children's books!), and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Happie Co. is an innovative company that makes giving great gifts easy and affordable. Our socks will make you (and whoever you give them to) feel happy!