Sock of the Month Club: The 9 Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

sock of the month Club: The 9 Best sock subscriptions for Men

What’s the best sock subscription? Chances are if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re interested in getting some cool socks delivered to your door every month. It may seem frivolous or weird to spend money on something as simple as socks, but if you think about it, there are lots of reasons why it’s worth it to get new socks delivered to your home every month instead of going to the store and picking them out yourself.

#1) SmartWool

The SmartWool company produces a number of socks, ranging from dress socks to ankle socks. One thing that stands out about them is their wool composition. This provides warmth and comfort, which is perfect for cold weather wear. They also provide a unique blend of materials and designs, making them stand out against other companies in the market. Of course, being a leader in outdoor clothing means that they have some of the best outdoor gear and accessories as well. And with all this variety, you can be sure to find something you love!

#2) Bombas

Bombas is a sock company that focuses on men's products. They offer monthly subscriptions, and have various styles like dress socks, cool socks, and funky socks. Plus they work to provide a better quality sock with their patented thicker heel cushioning and arch support to help prevent foot pain. Bombas also don't skimp on style and offer a variety of options like colorful socks or crazy color dress socks. This is an awesome gift idea because you can get creative with your giftee's preferences with all these different options! Whether it be best crew socks or fun ankle socks, there are something for everyone.

#3) Standard Issue

When you subscribe to a sock subscription box, you'll be sent a new pair of socks every month. These subscriptions are perfect for men who love fun and colorful socks. They're great as gifts too! Some monthly subscriptions even provide high-quality dress socks that are fit to wear at work or formal occasions.

#4) Heelboy

1) Heelboy is a monthly subscription that sends you a box of five pairs of colorful, fun socks. 2) They offer a variety so you can pick your favorite style, whether it's ankle socks, dress socks, or colorful novelty socks. 3) You can also order as a gift and they ship internationally. 4) All orders come with free shipping and they donate to charity! 5) You can cancel any time and they offer hassle-free returns. 6) No commitment required and no hidden fees means you never have to worry about going over budget or forgetting to cancel your subscription. 7) They're one of the best sock of the month clubs out there!

#5) is a monthly sock subscription box that curates socks with an emphasis on design and functionality. Every month, subscribers receive an array of curated socks including dress socks, ankle socks, and cool mens socks. offers all sorts of color schemes to fit any style preference, whether you like vibrant shades or subdued pastels. On top of these options, offers a monthly t-shirt to keep you looking fresh all year round! And if that's not enough, they offer free shipping worldwide!

#6) Stance

If you're a guy who loves socks, then you should get a subscription box! These can be really fun for any menswear lover. Some great subscriptions are featured below and include things like colorful socks, cool socks, gift socks, awesome socks club, mens purple ankle socks, and more. Check out these reviews to find the right sock subscription box that's perfect for your needs.

#7) Darn Tough

Darn Tough has been an icon in the sock game since 1989. This company is all about making sure that you have a durable, comfortable, and well-made pair of socks to get through your day. Darn Tough offers free shipping within the United States and Canada, meaning you can easily order from them online or find a store near you! If that wasn't enough, they even offer a lifetime guarantee on their socks.

This company has been around since 1989 and they have always focused on making durable, comfortable and well-made pairs of socks to help people get through their days. They offer free shipping within Canada and the US which makes it easy to order these great socks online or find a retailer near you!

#8) Jockey Tuxedo Packages

One way to find a new favorite sock is to subscribe to one of these nine awesome monthly sock subscriptions for men.

Sock it to Me is an affordable sock of the month club that offers two mens ankle socks and two fun dress socks in a classic, functional style every month. If you're looking for a little more variety, check out Bombas, which offers a mix of funky patterns and colorful designs. For guys who need something more durable or just don't want to deal with always matching their socks, there's Sweaty Bands. These cotton athletic socks are designed specifically with sweaty people in mind and come in four different thicknesses depending on your needs.

For those who love bright colors, there's Merino Socks based out of Canada.

#9) Indaba

The best sock subscription service is always a personal decision and it can be difficult to choose one. Luckily, we've done the legwork for you and have compiled our list of top sock subscriptions. From colorful socks to formal dress socks, there's something here that's perfect for every type of man.

- cool socks For Men: If you're looking for fun colored ankle socks, these are for you! You can subscribe to a set of five pairs or ten pairs depending on how many you need. They offer all different colors and styles so there's something here that will suit any taste. - Mens Colored ankle socks: These colorful socks would go great with a pair of black dress shoes or slacks!