Sock of the Month Club Subscription - The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women Who Love Socks!

sock of the month Club Subscription - The Ultimate Gift for Men and Women Who Love Socks!

In this day and age, when it’s so easy to order products online and have them delivered to your door, why would you want to give socks as a gift? It sounds silly, right? Well, not if they’re these socks! Our sock of the month club subscription has been designed with an eye towards quality and value. Every month, you’ll receive two pairs of hand-selected, high-quality socks in one of two sizes (which corresponds to shoe size). The fun doesn’t stop there!

What does it take to make a great pair of socks?

There’s nothing worse than a pair of socks that are thin, don’t stay up, or have stretched-out elastic. That’s why it takes more than just a sock machine to make great socks. Sure, we could use cheap fibers that don’t wear well but that would result in cheap socks. We could also build our socks with inexpensive production techniques but then you end up with thin fabric and seams that stretch out over time. Instead, our focus is on using durable materials like cotton (or wool) and sewing them with fabrics that last over time. To keep your feet cozy in cold weather you need thermal insulation so we take care to maximize loft while minimizing bulk which means they'll fit comfortably even under bulky boots.

Where can you find high-quality socks for men and women?

Where can you find high-quality socks that are also fun? A sock of the month club is an ideal gift idea for men, women, and kids. Just because they're a subscription service doesn't mean they can't be thoughtful gifts. When it comes to quality, you don't have to settle with ordinary socks; these subscriptions will send some of your favorite prints right to your door every month! You'll never run out again either because a well-made sock is meant to last a lifetime.

Why are subscription boxes such a great gift idea?

Give your friends or family a subscription box subscription as a gift, and you'll be giving them gifts all year long! A sock of the month club subscription is perfect for friends, coworkers, parents, grandparents... Really anyone who loves socks. When you sign someone up to receive a sock subscription as a gift, you'll be giving them twelve months worth of fun and quirky designs that they can't get anywhere else. And don't worry if your loved one has trouble finding their favorite pair; with each month's design being handpicked by our team of designers, it's almost impossible to not find something you like. Even better? You won't have to go hunting through piles in their closet looking for those pesky missing socks ever again.

How Much Does a Pair of Mens, Womens, or Unisex Socks Cost from this Monthly Subscription Service?

From $13/month. There are variations in pricing, depending on how many pairs you want (men get 6 pairs/month; women get 3 pairs/month). You can choose between womens' or mens', as well as unisex. They also offer corporate plans. You pay a flat fee each month; they send out your socks to you or whoever your giftee is based on your preference. This sock subscription service has been going since 2005! That's 12 years ago!

What Are The Benefits Of A Monthly Subscription Service For Socks?

Getting multiple pairs of high-quality socks delivered to your door each month is a fun way to keep your feet happy. It's also an amazing gift idea that allows you to really show off how much you care. If you're not sure what kind of sock subscription will work best, consider asking family members or friends what they like in terms of comfort, style, or color. You can create a gift basket with several pairs or even just one pair if you want to send something truly special. That way it won't matter if they have their favorite socks in rotation right now; they'll get new ones next month.

Check out the different sock subscription service options

What kind of socks are you looking for? What will your preferences be in terms of colour, pattern, texture or material? Do you like to receive a single pair each month or would you prefer to get multiple pairs at once? How many pairs do you want to receive per shipment (either monthly or bimonthly)? Do you have a sock preference, such as fuzzy or regular ankle length? Are there certain colours that you don’t want in your subscription? Some companies will let you specify these preferences while others may send whatever they have on hand. Check out various sock subscription services online and make note of their shipping options, return policies and customer service policies. Use what you learn to narrow down your decision.