Sock of the Month Club Subscription - The Perfect Gift for Men and Women

sock of the month Club Subscription - The Perfect Gift for Men and Women

How many times have you found yourself at the end of the month, looking through your sock drawer and wanting to throw it all away? You had the intention of starting a sock of the month subscription, but then life happened and you never got around to it! This can be your year to finally start that subscription! You’ll always have new socks without having to worry about running out! The best part? You can personalize it with messages of your choice! From birthday gifts to anniversary gifts, this sock subscription makes an amazing gift for any occasion. Are you ready to get started?

7 Reasons Why a sock of the month Club is a Good Idea

1. Socks are always a great gift. 2. No more guessing what to get people, they can choose their own socks. 3. Can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want it to be (starting at $10 a month). 4. Gives people a reason to clean out their sock drawers every month (making your house seem like less of a mess). 5. You can send someone socks from all over the world without breaking the bank on shipping fees (because you're only paying once a month) 6. Makes those days where you just don't know what else to give someone seem much less awkward (for both parties). 7. It's called Philosockphy!

Best gift for men

If you're looking for a Christmas gift that is affordable but not boring, try giving someone a sock subscription. There are so many styles to choose from, it's almost impossible not to find something they'll love. Even if they don't wear socks on a regular basis, this is sure to be a welcome change. It also helps that there's an endless supply of fun or weird socks out there now! A sock subscription is perfect for family members, friends or even coworkers--and it doesn't need to be limited to just one person either! It's also great because when you get tired of wearing your new favorite pair, you can just trade them in for another one. Philosockphy has sock subscriptions starting at $10/month with free shipping on orders over $20.

Best gift for women

The Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that delivers six pairs of curated socks each month. They are guaranteed to be a perfect fit, with an unmatched level of quality. You'll never have to worry about finding a great pair of socks again! It's like Christmas every month, except you're in charge of picking out the gifts yourself... AND you don't have to wait until December 25th to open them up!

Top 3 brands we recommend

· Socksmith: These socks are made in Portland, Oregon from some of the finest materials available. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to suit any taste.

· Stance: Stance socks are made from high quality materials that are super comfortable to wear all day. They have more than just socks too!

· Hallmark Socks: Socks with attitude! They specialize in bold patterns for men and women that make you stand out with style.

What you need to know before joining

* sock of the month Club subscriptions come in one, three, or six month packages.

* With a six month subscription your recipient gets a new pair of socks every two months. * With a three month subscription they get new socks every three months. * With an annual subscription they receive 12 pairs over the course of twelve months.

* You can order gift subscriptions directly from our website or have them shipped straight to you as well as to your intended recipient's address.

How it works (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months)

Sign up to receive a monthly delivery of quality, designer socks from Stance. Choose between monthly subscriptions with one, three, six or twelve months. For example: one month will cost $24.99 plus shipping; three months will cost $19.99 per month plus shipping; six months will cost $14.99 per month plus shipping; 12 months will cost $11.49 per month plus shipping.

Check out some of our favorite sock pairs

What says love better than a monthly sock delivery? Whether you're looking for an easy gift or something to pamper yourself, these monthly subscriptions make it easy to give a thoughtful present. Here are a few favorites:

- Sock Drawer: $14/month plus free shipping. This subscription includes six pairs of socks that come in a wide range of styles and colors. You can choose between anklets, knee highs, or crew length socks with this selection. - Sock Panda: $25/month plus free shipping. This subscription sends out five pairs of men's dress socks every month. Each package includes two crew length and three ankle length pairs, all coordinated with different patterns and colors.