Sock of the Month Club Subscription Review: They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable


If you wear socks every day, like me, then finding the perfect pair of socks can be hard. I have used many sock subscription services in the past and have found that most of them are just plain boring and don’t fit well. Luckily, one of my friends was telling me about her experience with sock of the month Club, and she convinced me to give them a try. After trying these socks out, I now know why they were so popular at our Christmas party!


Why I Started a sock subscription

I'm always on the lookout for fun socks for men. I love finding something that makes a guy's day. So when I saw this sock subscription from SockBox, I knew it was perfect! The idea is that you can get a monthly box filled with a variety of new socks. It includes one pair each of short sleeve crew, long sleeve crew, anklet length, or dress length. There are also different styles to choose from like crazy color dress socks, cool ankle socks for men in bright colors or fun patterned dress socks. The best part is that they send out 4-6 pairs per month depending on your plan so you'll always have some funky fresh new pairs to wear.


My Experience With Other Brands

I've tried a few sock subscription boxes and have been really disappointed with the quality. The socks always seem to be too long or too tight or just not what I wanted. When my sock of the month Club socks arrived in a cute envelope addressed to me, I couldn't wait to open it up! I found out they were different brands than what I had seen in other subscriptions but when I put them on they were perfect. They fit comfortably and felt great right out of the package. I was also happy with how soft they are since that's something that has bothered me before with other brands as well!


RejuvaSocks Pros/Cons

1. RejuvaSocks offers a six-month or one-year subscription package.
2. The bright and colorful socks are appropriate for most occasions. 3. The sizes of the socks range from small to large so there's something for everyone.
4. The company is constantly releasing new monthly collections with even more options in terms of colors and styles that they offer to their customers who choose to subscribe to their service.
5. No matter what style you're looking for, RejuvaSocks has you covered when it comes to an awesome sock selection!


Where to Get your Own Pair

I love wearing socks all year long. I especially love how colorful they are this time of year. This subscription service is perfect for someone who has a hard time picking out socks to wear and would rather have a little surprise every month. I loved the size variety because it made it easy for me to match them with any color dress shirt or pants I was wearing. The sock of the month Club had an excellent selection that made it easy for me to find just what I was looking for.