Sock of the Month Club Subscription Review - They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable

Next time you’re looking to score a great deal on socks, don’t forget to check out the sock of the month Club Subscription service! These monthly socks subscriptions will keep your feet super comfy and your sock collection stylishly stocked full. Plus, with this sock of the month club review, you’ll know exactly which subscription service to choose!

What Is a sock of the month Club?
A sock of the month club is a gift that keeps on giving. Each month you’ll receive a pair of socks to your door. You can choose from a variety of different sock designs and styles so that you never have to buy socks again! The best part is – each month will bring you new pairs of socks in different colors, patterns, etc. This makes for a fun surprise each time! Here’s my sock of the month review so that you know what to expect when signing up! The Pros of a sock of the month Club: One great aspect about a sock of the month club is that it helps declutter your drawers and adds personality and variety to your wardrobe. Each package brings something new which means more enjoyment wearing them since they are not basic black or white socks. What's more, all year round these subscriptions come with seasonal themed socks perfect for making you feel cozy during those winter months or keeping your feet cool during summer heat waves. These monthly sock packages are also great for getting accessories without having to shop around. How many times have you wanted a snazzy accessory but didn't want to spend money? With a subscription like this, you get cute and comfortable accessories sent straight to your doorstep at affordable prices. Another perk is that it saves you money because regular stores charge way too much for just socks; but with subscriptions like these, you pay much less than retail cost per pair of socks shipped directly to your house! And lastly, some brands use sustainable materials (such as bamboo) to make these socks which makes them healthier for you and better for our environment. The Cons of a sock of the month Club: First off, there aren’t many cons for receiving new socks every month! However, one thing that does bother some people is having their personal information shared online. Some websites collect information such as their name, email address, location and anything else included in the subscription form prior to purchase.

Why Get a sock of the month Club?
A sock subscription is one that provides you with different pairs of socks for a year. One of my favorite socks subscriptions is Sock Fancy. Each month you get 5 pair of cool socks that are catered to your preferences. The best part about these subscription services is that they don’t stop when you stop paying for them. You will always be able to go online and request a new pair whenever you want. This is perfect if you find yourself in need of a fresh pair on vacation or at work. Another great aspect of these socks subscriptions is how durable they are. I have had my Cool Town Socks from here for well over 4 months now, and even though I wear them often I still have not worn through any holes or experienced any tears or stretching. These robust socks truly stand up to their name! This has made me become more confident in what shoes I can wear them with as well. If I am going out somewhere where there will be rain then I know I can rest assured that my toes won’t end up getting wet because these socks are super water resistant! With such high quality construction and so many fun varieties available, it makes sense why there is such a huge demand for sock subscriptions among men everywhere. Just thinking about all of these benefits alone is already making me think about starting another sock subscription very soon! Of course, my final word on whether or not you should start a monthly subscription service comes down to what kind of person you are. There aren’t very many companies out there that cater to young men like LJS does; in fact, I haven’t been able to find another company quite like it yet which says something considering how interested everyone else seems to be in LJS right now.

Best Reviews to Date
1.6K Readers Shared their Insights on sock of the month Clubs! Here's What You Need to Know... Look at these cool socks from Pijamas & Panties in my new sock club subscription box! I love that everything is coordinated, so I can wear all three pieces together or separately. The yarn-dyed socks are surprisingly durable! There were no snags or noticeable wear after washing—and they stayed just as soft even after several washes. These are some of my favorite socks right now! If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for your favorite fashionista, check out a sock subscription service like Pijamas & Panties. And don’t forget to sign up with code BEN15%OFF if you want an extra 15% off through December 31st!... And one more look: I mean, who doesn't need another pair of cute socks? *This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pijamas & Panties. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.* #advicebyben Click To Tweet

What Are Members Saying About These Clubs?
cool socks are a great gift. In fact, a sock of month club is one way to ensure you don’t ever run out. And yes, it’s better than your standard pair in that you don’t have to guess what kind or color your lucky recipient wants—they get a new pair every month! But with so many different clubs available, how do you choose? We scoured some of our favorite subscription boxes to find top picks for both men and women. Read on for more information on these nifty clubs and where they ship from. A few even offer gift cards if you want to send someone else a surprise treat! How fun is that? Let’s start with... (Read Full Article) So, Is It Worth it?: What You Need to Know: These kinds of subscriptions can be pricey—as much as $70 per box. However, many people feel a well-made pair of socks is worth that cost; especially when those socks are specially picked just for them and go beyond basic cotton materials. One service we tried was excellent at keeping customers updated through email lists and offered an easy-to-navigate website; while another service we tried had adorable monthly themes but wasn’t very good at sending timely emails. As far as customer service goes, most were helpful when called or emailed directly. Ultimately, there isn’t any concrete evidence about whether sock of the month services are worth their price tags—but we suspect that doesn’t matter much once you try them for yourself!

Is This Service Worth it?
Sock subscriptions are a great idea because they take away one of life’s biggest headaches: what to wear. Instead of rummaging through your closet or trying on outfit after outfit in front of your mirror before deciding which pair of socks to put on, Sock-of-the-Month clubs solve that problem. On top of convenience, Sock Slippers also offer their members an opportunity to support small businesses in addition to receiving cool new socks each month for less than $10. Of course, all of these benefits aren’t free: you have to pay $20 per year for membership; however, it might be worth it if you hate shopping as much as I do! In my opinion, there is nothing better than coming home from work and knowing exactly which socks I will put on first thing out of bed. Click here for more information about starting your own sock subscription business! One little mistake means your credit score drops by 100 points and becomes virtually useless. Here's how to fix it fast so you can borrow money again—and not rely solely on cash advances just so you can get through until payday.