Sock of the Month Club Subscription - Gift Ideas for Men or Women

sock of the month Club Subscription - Gift Ideas for Men or Women

It’s October! That means that it’s time to start thinking about all the great holiday gift ideas you can get your family and friends this year. If you don’t want to worry about coming up with great gift ideas on your own, then consider using our online sock of the month club subscription service, where you can give anyone in your life the gift of comfy socks every month! We have men’s sock subscriptions and women’s sock subscriptions available, so everyone will be happy and excited when they open their sock packages! For more information on our subscription plans, contact us today!

A subscription box every month

You know those monthly subscription boxes? Those are awesome. What makes them so great? For one, they can be really fun. Who doesn’t love getting a package in their mailbox, and what’s not to love about getting a new, stylish sock each month? But beyond that – you don’t have to do anything. Just show up at your door and voila! If there is anything you hate more than shopping, it has to be returns – because who likes to hassle with shipping stuff back when you don’t like it? The answer is no one. That’s why we designed our sock of the month club – if you don’t like it, send it back – simple as that!

What happens in a sock subscription box?

Sock subscriptions deliver colorful and comfortable socks straight to your door. You'll receive a pair of fun, new socks each month (often with a themed subscription option) so you'll never run out of fresh sock options. If you're in need of gifts for men or women, sock subscriptions make an excellent gift option because they aren't boring. Check out our guide to choosing your first subscription box to learn more about how these services work and what makes them great present ideas.

How does it work?

When you sign up for a sock of the month Club subscription, you are billed either once per month, every other month, or quarterly. You can purchase a sock of the month Club Subscription gift certificate to give as a present to someone else, who can then sign up and receive their monthly socks. You will receive 10% off your first order when you visit our website and place an order! When ordering with us you are able to choose from one of our sock styles that features colourful designs. If desired we offer customisation services where we can create a custom design just for you or with your own company logo on it.

Why is it a good gift idea?

Getting your giftee a subscription to a sock of the month club is a fun way to keep them clothed in something other than their boring work socks. Find out their size and make sure you know whether they prefer bold colours like red, white, and blue, or more neutral options like black and white. Having multiple options means you can gift it to either men or women—and everyone loves socks! Here are some monthly sock subscription ideas

A few examples (illustrative only)

socks always make a good gift, said Andy Flint, spokesperson for sock of the month. But with sock of the month, you're giving more than just a pair of socks. Every month our members receive 2 pairs and each pair is different. From cool prints to comfy materials, they'll look forward to every package. He added that gift giving doesn't have to be a challenge anymore; just give someone something they will really enjoy every month! No one wants socks that match all their other pairs, he explained. With us, they'll never get another sock they don't love. Mr. Flint also pointed out that having an ongoing subscription makes people feel special and cared about because they can depend on getting a nice gift in their mailbox each month.