Sock of the Month Club: Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy Socks

sock of the month Club: Show Off Your Strong Side with Philosockphy Socks

On the surface, Philosockphy Socks may seem like just another sock of the month club, but there’s more to it than that. For starters, every sock you receive has been handcrafted in the US by skilled artisans with materials sourced from around the globe. And while this helps your feet stay warm and comfortable during the winter months, it also supports local artisans and small businesses around the world, helping to keep their economies thriving. Plus, Philosockphy socks are stylish and fun — all your friends will want to know where you got them!

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How the sock of the month club works

Fancy a new sock every month? We've got you covered. For every order, we'll send you a fun sock for men that pairs well with your style and personality. Whether you need an extra pair for work or just want to mix up your style, we're here to help. Let us know what kind of socks you wear, how many pairs per week, and any other details that might be helpful. If you have any questions or concerns at all feel free to reach out! We're here to help make sure that your feet are happy and fashionable! The Philosockphy Socks Subscription is designed for those who love socks but don't have time to shop around.

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What should I know before signing up?

Philosophy socks is a sock of the month club that has something for everyone. They offer a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find a perfect fit for your personal style. Memberships are $36/month or $330 for an entire year. You'll receive two pairs of new, limited edition socks delivered to your door every month and free shipping on orders over $50. Plus, you can cancel anytime!
Each month's shipment includes two pairs of crew-length ankle socks from different collections and patterns. Here's what you could receive in a few months:
-April: Fun Men's ankle socks -June: crazy color dress socks -August: Cool Mens' ankle socks

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How much does it cost and what will I get for my membership?

Philosophy Socks is a monthly sock club for men. For just $30 per month, you'll get six pairs of socks that are hand-selected to complement your style and personality. You can choose between three different subscriptions depending on how many pairs you want each month. No matter which option you choose, you'll always get a new pair in your mailbox each month! With so many styles to choose from, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fun dress socks or cool mens socks.

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When do socks arrive?

You'll get your first pair in a little over a week, so you can wear them on date night or to work. You'll get another one in about 2 weeks, and then every other month thereafter. The months are staggered so you never have to worry about running out of socks for quite some time. The best part? Shipping is free. Plus, we're always adding new designs and colors, so our sock-of-the-month club members always have something fresh to look forward to.

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Can I buy just one pair, or are there minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

Once you sign up, you'll get a pair of socks in the mail every month. They've made it really easy to join and they have a ton of options, so don't worry if you can't decide on just one style. You can always change your preferences at any time. The best part is that they offer gift subscriptions so you can send them to someone else as a present!


What if I don't like any of them?

The best place to wear your new socks is at home, but if you're feeling a little more adventurous, you can also wear them when lounging around. Sure, it's easy to just throw on some slippers or go barefoot, but show off your personality and get yourself a pair of cool socks that are perfect for kicking back in. They're also great for wearing while reading a book or binge watching TV-just make sure to wash them first!
There are plenty of ways to wear your new socks. Whether you want something simple or edgy, purple or blue, we've got all the right pairs for you here at Philosockophy.


How long will my socks last?

The good news is that we offer a one-year warranty on all socks, so if you happen to get a hole in them or something else happens to them, just send us an email and we'll take care of it. However, our socks are made from quality materials and designed not to have holes or tears. The only way you can really tell how long your socks will last is by washing them on a regular basis. We recommend washing your socks after every wear to keep dirt and bacteria from accumulating.


What sizes do they come in?

For some men, socks are an afterthought - one that they'll grab from a drawer or off the floor. For others, they want to make sure they're wearing something that makes them feel good and look amazing. It's this latter group of men who will be excited to discover Philosockphy's Socks of the Month Club. They offer mens purple ankle socks for all sizes (from extra-small up to XXL), as well as mens colorful socks for all sizes (from small up to XXL).

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Where can I wear them?

You can wear these socks anywhere you'd like to show off your strong side. These bright, colorful socks will help you make a statement in any setting. They're great for work, school, or whatever else you have planned for the day. Plus, they make a perfect gift for any occasion!

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Are all styles available on a monthly basis?

When you sign up for our sock club, you'll get to choose from a variety of colors and styles. This is a great way to show off your strong side. You can also choose from an assortment of different subscription lengths to best suit your needs. Shipping is free within the U.S., which means you won't have to pay any extra fees when your new socks arrive at your door each month!


Is there anything else I should know before joining?

Philosophy Socks is a sock of the month club that will bring you a new pair of socks every single month. With three different plans to choose from, you'll never run out of socks again. If you're looking for some great socks to add some flair to your wardrobe, look no further. We offer colorful ankle socks and crew socks for those who are looking for something more formal or casual. Plus, we have gift sock subscriptions so you can treat someone else this holiday season!