Sock of the Month Club Reviews

sock of the month Club Reviews

I’ve found that it can be hard to find an appropriate sock of the month club review when you’re looking to sign up, so I decided to put together this sock of the month Club Reviews page as a way to help you find the best sock of the month club based on your needs and preferences. Some clubs focus on fashion, some focus on function, and some focus on gift-giving. Choose wisely!

What does a sock of the month club do?

A sock of the month club will send you a variety of socks each month. Each sock is selected with care and it includes themes such as funny, Christmas, patterns, superhero themed and more. If you love socks and are looking for something fun to give as a gift or just for yourself, then take a look at some great sock subscriptions! Most companies offer sizing from infant to adult so everyone can join in on your sock party! If you want to receive socks that are not only cute but also make you laugh than these subscription services are for you! Having a bad day? Just open up one of your new boxes with an envelope full of surprises.

Does it sound fun?

There’s something about receiving socks in a monthly delivery that feels fun and indulgent. You never know what pattern or color will be next, so it adds a touch of surprise and excitement to your month. Imagine how exciting it will be to receive socks for a year! It may sound crazy, but sock of the month clubs are actually more common than you think. If you’re looking for extra fun in your life, check out these sock subscription services

Who is this sock club for?

These sock subscriptions are ideal for guys who want to be pampered with socks every month without having to do all of the research. A great gift for husbands and boyfriends, these monthly subscriptions help you find funny, classic, goofy and more. These socks also make an excellent birthday gift or even a Christmas present! They come in a variety of themes: men's interests; sports; movies; tv shows; humorous political statements...etc. You can even choose between fun socks, sports socks, themed pairs or just plain old boring black! You can get fashionable novelty socks as well as your standard cotton crew cut. We do recommend looking at individual sock companies' sizing charts before committing to a subscription however.

How much does it cost?

One of the great things about a sock subscription is that it's quite inexpensive. Expect to pay around $15-$25 per month depending on what level you choose, plus a shipping fee between $5-$10 if you go with a monthly option. The amount you pay will vary based on how many pairs are included, how fancy they are and where they're from. Additionally, as we said earlier, each subscription is different in terms of styles, patterns and extras like mementos and discounts for repeat customers. Of course not every company offers all three levels so be sure to check out exactly what you're getting before committing to anything long-term or paying any money up front.

Can I pick my own socks?

Yes, you can pick your own socks. You’ll be able to select from three sock sizes: small (5-7), medium (8-10) and large (11-13). The socks themselves are men’s or women’s casual dress socks, meaning they won’t have any fancy grip pads or special liners. After all, that wouldn’t be very relaxing at all! You can also choose whether you want a Winter or Summer sock of the month package. For each season there will be a mix of warm and cool colors to choose from. This way you can always get a fun pair that fits your style.

What if I don’t like them?

Giving new products a try is half of what makes sock-of-the-month clubs fun, but if you don’t end up liking something, you don’t have to keep it. So if a pair of socks in your monthly delivery just isn’t working for you, send them back! If one month ends up not being your style, don’t worry – most sock clubs let you skip months (or cancel altogether) at any time. Some will even offer refunds or credits toward future purchases if that’s what you prefer. As long as there aren't any rules against returns or exchanges for whatever particular subscription service you're using (more on that later), get as much time and money back from it as possible.

How often will they send me socks?

The last thing you want is to get socks more than once a month. When you’re paying for something, you want it to be worth your money and with a subscription like this, there’s no need to overspend. Remember, your socks will arrive when they arrive so don’t expect them each month on time. They may even skip a month or two if things get busy or slow down at their location. As long as you know what you’re getting into, there are some fantastic monthly sock clubs out there that are worth every penny!

Where can I buy other items from Philosockphy?

Philosockphy is based in Toronto, Canada. While they currently only sell socks and mittens, they have plans to expand into other accessories soon. I received a pair of their panda socks, shown below: Overall, I found Philosockphy’s designs cute and quirky. They offer many different styles and colors at reasonable prices (under $15 per pair). Their products are 100% cotton; for those with sensitive skin or allergies it's worth noting that Philosockphy has no synthetic material options available at present. So if you're looking for funky fun socks that stand out from your old boring pairs you should check them out!

Is there a warranty on my socks?

Most sock clubs won’t offer a warranty on your socks. The reason being is that you will wear them out eventually, even if you are careful. Unless there is something wrong with them, they shouldn’t have to refund or replace your socks. Socks from sock of the month all come with a 1-year guarantee! This means that for up to one year after your purchase date, we’ll replace any worn out pairs at no cost to you! If anything happens during that time period that breaks our promise of providing high quality socks, just contact us and we’ll send replacements at no cost to you! Now that’s what I call customer service!