Sock of the Month Club Reviews">sock of the month Club Reviews

It’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail, but it’s even better when that surprise is a pair of high-quality socks!">sock of the month Club, one of the many sock subscription services available, offers subscribers high-quality socks every month. But does this">sock of the month club really deliver? The best way to find out is through an honest review, which I’ve put together below.

What Is The">sock of the month Club?

Not too long ago, socks became cool again. In particular, funky and colorful socks seem to be more popular than ever. Though I’m not one to leave behind a good fashion trend (I never will), I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a sock-of-the-month guy. However, my girlfriend suggested that we could start our own sock subscription service... just for fun. So now it’s time to take some time to consider whether or not you should start your own sock subscription club – and if so, which kind! (Hint: they all have their pros and cons.) This month's Sockly Review is all about choosing which">sock of the month club you want to join in on!

How Does The">sock of the month Club Work?

Sock subscriptions work in much of the same way as any other subscription service: you sign up, set your preferences (style, fit, etc.), and then wait for your socks to arrive. There are some differences between sock subscription services, though. Some only ship men’s socks—others include women’s and kids’ options too. And some services focus on specific interests (like hiking or business) rather than selling a random assortment. So make sure you read a little about each service before you buy!

Cost and Price

Sock subscriptions range from $10 to $20 per month and ship worldwide. Prices are pretty uniform between all sock subscription services and all offer free shipping, so choose based on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. In terms of cost per pair, you’ll spend less than you would at a retail store ($9-11/pair) but more than if you buy in bulk (approximately $6-7/pair). Of course, socks last a very long time—six months or more—so it’s safe to say they’re worth every penny!

Shipping and Delivery Schedule

Philosophie is a great option for sock-lovers who don’t want to pay retail prices. Their exclusive designs are gorgeous and it’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into their packaging. The best part? They come in sizes small to extra-large! Quality socks at affordable prices, delivered monthly? We're hooked!

Quality and Presentation

Overall I’m very pleased with Philosockphy’s">sock of the month club and have only positive things to say about it. While a few pairs were slightly mismatched, all were well-made and looked exactly like what was advertised. The owners are clearly passionate about their business and I can see them doing very well once they gain more customers. I would certainly recommend Philosockphy as a sock subscription service; it was an incredible value for my money, even if I just received socks that weren’t tailored to my taste. As noted before, it's incredibly easy to unsubscribe when you want to stop receiving shipments or want to change your plan so that you receive only specific styles.