Sock of the Month Club Review- Who says socks are boring?

sock of the month Club Review- Who says socks are boring?

sock of the month Club sends you an awesome and unique pair of socks from some very cool designers in your mailbox every month. I personally am obsessed with these subscription boxes, so I had to get my hands on this one! Check out my review to see what I thought, or if you’re interested in signing up then head on over to their website here, where you can use code CROSSROADS10 to get 10% off your first month!

What is a sock subscription service

A sock subscription service is a monthly box sent to your doorstep with new, unique socks inside. In general, these services offer high quality sock brands and a fun and unique way to try on new types of socks each month. Some services may even throw in some extras, like stickers or other fun goodies related to that month’s theme. The most popular sock subscription service today is Sock Fancy, a service that sends two pairs of designer men’s socks every month. For $9 per month plus shipping fees you get two pairs of awesome socks designed by real people! Check out our detailed review at Sock Subscription Reviews!

Why would I get a sock subscription service

While it may seem odd at first, sock subscriptions can be a lot of fun. When you think about it, who doesn’t love getting mail? I know I do! But here’s another thing to consider; there is literally no other service that can send socks to your door and make you smile. Sock subscription services will provide you with a new pair of unique socks every month without fail (once they have your sizing). No going to stores or driving around in circles looking for cool socks. One box comes right to your door, filled with an awesome array of super soft and comfy socks like never before! And don’t worry if they don’t fit because all sock subscriptions come with free returns/exchanges.

How much does it cost

cool socks delivered to your door every month is a little pricey, with monthly subscriptions starting at $15/month and up for adults. However, many companies offer free shipping on every order and frequently run sales and promotions so you can score some pretty sweet deals. For example, I recently got two pairs of women’s socks from a company called Bombas for just $7. The quality was great and they were super cute, but I totally would have paid full price because socks can be expensive if you buy them in stores.

How do I get started

Whether you want to get started with sock of the month or a different type of subscription box, it’s important to start looking now. Because these boxes can be popular, you may not get your first choice. If that happens, choose another one and plan on how you’ll react if/when you don’t get your first choice. Once you find something that sounds appealing, sign up immediately! Subscription boxes aren’t always around for long and subscribers can sometimes sell their months when they need some extra cash (Amazon Gift Cards work well for a quick sell). Don’t miss out on one because it didn't arrive quickly enough or because they sold out while you were researching them!

Can I personalize my box or choose what goes in it

This is one big perk for joining a sock of the month club. Unlike your regular subscription boxes, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to what you can add or personalize. You can expect all socks to be within a certain theme and style, but there are tons of fun themes that some companies offer or opportunities to really dial in and customize what goes into your box. Don’t like skulls or animal prints? That’s ok! Some companies let you pick from a variety of themes and styles, while others allow more customization than other monthly subscription boxes offer!

What brands can I expect to see

Being an avid sock collector and enthusiast, I want to know what brands I can expect to see in my Sock-of-the-Month subscription box. If you’re not sure about a brand, please find out for me before publishing your review! The following are examples of sock brands I've personally worn and like: Darn Tough, Toe Sox, Blundstones (these are super comfy), Smartwool and Wigwam. You'll also see some unusual socks from time to time on reddit. How do these compare? Is it worth getting socks from an unusual brand? Does it make sense or is there another reason for these to be included in a sock subscription service? Please let me know.

What are other people saying about it on social media and in reviews

Social media reviews are surprisingly good, especially considering that it's such a weird thing to get excited about. The sock of the month Club is getting attention from influencers like Instagram star Mindy Kaling, who posted about it on her @mindykaling account: Is there anything cuter than sock month club?! I just found out about it and now I'm obsessed. There isn't much in terms of regular internet review but with Ms. Kaling talking about them everyone will probably start ordering them soon. People love cool socks and I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to pay for an innovative service like sock monthly.