Sock of the Month Club Review: The Best Way to Up Your Sock Game

sock of the month Club Review: The Best Way to Up Your Sock Game

The sock of the month club will change your life forever, believe it or not. No longer will you have to worry about whether or not your socks match, or what socks to wear with what pants, or anything like that. No, sir! With a sock of the month club, you’ll simply receive a package every month with 4-6 pairs of high-quality socks, and you can get on with living your life without worrying about silly things like socks at all! But how do you choose the best sock of the month club? What features are important to look out for?


Reasons why you should start a sock of the month club

This is a great way to up your sock game. You can get socks in either a traditional crew or ankle length, and you'll be getting them delivered monthly! There are a ton of different styles that you can choose from, so if you have trouble finding something you like at your local store, this will be perfect for you. And don't worry if it's not Christmas time; this would make an awesome gift for anyone!
1) Get socks delivered monthly 2) Choose between crew or ankle length 3) A variety of styles available 4) Perfect as a gift 5) fun socks for men 6) crazy color dress socks 7) cool mens socks


How I started my sock of the month club

I started my sock of the month club because I wanted people to have fun with their socks. I offer a variety of different colors, patterns, and heights so that people can be as creative as they want. Plus, I'm always adding new designs every month so that subscribers never get bored or end up with repeats.
I also thought it would be cool to be able to gift someone a sock each month. So many people don't know what to buy for guys and socks seemed like an easy way out!
If you're looking for something special for your dad, boyfriend, brother - you name it - this is an easy way out!


A list of sock subscription options out there

There are a few sock subscription options out there, and I've been able to try a few different ones. I've been quite pleased with my experience with sock of the month Club - they have awesome socks club, cool socks for men, fun dress socks and more! If you're looking for something more than just one month, they also offer 6-month packages. There is also a gifting option that comes with an order confirmation email so it's perfect for last minute gifts too. It's really helped up my sock game!


What to look for when selecting your socks

When you're looking for a sock subscription, there are a lot of things you need to consider. To make it easy, here are some questions you should ask yourself before signing up.
1. What color is your personality? 2. Do you like crazy socks or not? 3. What type of material do you prefer? 4. Are crew socks more your thing or do ankle socks suit you better? 5. What size does your foot measure in inches and what size shoe do you wear (US men's sizes)? 6. How long will it take for me to get my first set of socks once I've signed up for the sock club? 7. How many pairs will I get each month from this sock subscription service?


My personal favorite brands

The best sock subscription I have found is the sock of the month Club. They offer a variety of options with two types, Crew and Ankle. Crew socks come in a set of three pairs (six total) for $9.99 or six pairs (12 total) for $14.99 while ankle socks come in a set of two pairs (four total) for $9.99 or four pairs (eight total) for $14.99. The best part about this subscription is that they offer free shipping on orders over $49 which helps you save some money! If you're looking for an awesome gift, these socks would be perfect!