Sock Of The Month Club Review – The Best Way to Never Run Out of Socks Again


A sock subscription is the best way to never run out of socks again and to keep your feet warm and cozy all year long! Best of all, you’ll be able to pick between the best brands of comfortable, high-quality socks with monthly delivery, no matter where you live in the United States. You’ll never find yourself without that perfect pair of socks again! Learn more about one of the most popular sock subscriptions available today!


The sock of the month club - why did I try this?

I first heard about the sock of the month club from a friend who loved it. I signed up and after my first shipment I was hooked. I loved that the socks were always different and fun - never boring! Plus, it was so nice not to have to worry about running out of socks again.


What is the sock of the month club?

The sock of the month club is a monthly sock subscription service that sends you fun, crazy and colorful socks every month. You can choose what type of socks you want from mens ankle socks, cool men's socks, cool crew socks or just regular colorful socks for men. We do offer a gift option which would be perfect for any dad or brother looking for funky new ankle socks or warm fuzzy crew socks this winter. If you like the idea but don't have time to pick out your own pair each month, then check out the fun sock tins with six different pairs that we offer.


Why did I choose this company over others?

I have been looking for a sock of the month club and I think I have found one that is perfect for me. This company has a variety of choices for you so that you can find the perfect socks for your own personal needs. They offer cool socks, fun socks, colorful dress socks, crazy color dress socks, gift socks and more. You get to choose between different levels or lengths as well as styles. I really like how they offer different types so that you don't feel left out if you don't want something in particular. For example, if you like long crew socks then they'll give them to you but if not then they will give you the ankle or colorful ankle length instead. It's nice because it gives everyone a chance!


What did I get? Was it worth it?

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that there was a card, which is a nice touch. The card welcomes you and has a little bit about the company and how they started, which is interesting. It also has all the information about how to get in contact with them for any reason. It's also where you'll find their customer service email address, which is something that's not always included with other companies. After reading through it, I just had to try on some of the socks! They were so cute! There were purple ankle socks, colourful socks for men, fun dress socks for men and cool mens socks. There was a good variety and I'm excited to wear them all this winter season!
The best part about this sock subscription?


Would I recommend this service to other people?

I'm not a big fan of socks - but my family are. In fact, they're always stealing mine. With this in mind, I thought I'd give the sock-of-the-month club a try. It's such a simple idea and by giving them as gifts at Christmas and birthdays, it would be like giving someone a whole year's worth of stocking fillers. From the site, it's relatively inexpensive and with the option to choose what kind of socks you want (fun socks for men or cool men's ankle socks), they have everything covered. Plus, you can even get your own child their own sock-of-the-month club membership!