Sock Of The Month Club Review: The Best Way To Never Run Out Of Socks Again

sock of the month Club Review: The Best Way To Never Run Out Of Socks Again

sock of the month Club has made it their mission to provide you with high-quality socks every month, so you can be sure that no matter what your needs are, you’ll always have socks when you need them most. Whether it’s the first day of winter and your work boots have sprung an apparent leak, or your favorite pair of socks has developed a hole in one of the heels, sock of the month Club has your back—no pun intended! Their monthly sock subscription service will solve all of your sock woes and ensure that you always have the perfect pair at hand!

Everything you need to know about sock subscriptions

We’re not sure what it is about socks that make them seem like such a pain to buy. Maybe they’re never on sale, or maybe it’s because you need multiple pairs at once and all of a sudden you have an entire new budget category in your life. Whatever your reason, you might find yourself trying to avoid making sock purchases altogether. But there is hope—the sock subscription box! Some of our favorite sock subscriptions can make sure you always have fresh socks without having to go out and buy them yourself. Read on for our top three recommendations (with honest reviews). We think these are great sock subscription boxes for both men and women alike!

Factors you should consider when choosing a sock subscription service

Firstly, do you like socks? Would you wear colorful socks every day? Why or why not? It's important to find a sock service that matches your personality. If you prefer simple, muted colors and patterns, there are other subscription services that would be a better fit for you. Lastly, how often do you want to receive socks in the mail? Do you want them to arrive once a month or every other month? Are there certain days of week that make more sense for receiving packages at your home? After answering these questions and other factors listed below, finding a sock subscription service that's right for you should be relatively easy.

My top recommendations for sock of the month clubs

So, you know how having clean underwear is pretty important to feeling good? Well, socks are pretty important too. And not just for people with jobs that require them! We’re all sock-wearing creatures—even if we don’t realize it. And even if we only own a few pairs of socks or wear our clothes barefoot most of the time, sock of month clubs are great tools to keep yourself stocked with fresh pairs while staying on budget.

How my first sock subscription changed my life

Okay, bear with me. I know socks are boring and not exactly life-changing, but hear me out. A few years ago, I was sick of buying a pair every month or so to match my outfit—and paying between $5 and $10 per month. When I saw that you could get three pairs of colorful, fun socks for about $8 a month on Amazon (shipping included), I decided to give it a try. It took me about two minutes to sign up, pay for my subscription, and everything was set! When it came time to choose my first pairs, though...I didn't know where to start! There were just so many awesome options!

Our favorite unique socks, as reviewed by subscribers.

Consumers are always looking for new ways to express themselves. One of our favorite ways to do that is with socks, but we've been disappointed by the selection and quality of those we've found. That's why we started our sock of the month club: It's a way for us to get colorful socks delivered right to our door, without having to go out in public! Here are some of our favorites

History of the sock subscription service

A few years ago I saw an ad for a sock subscription service, and I signed up. For $12 a month (I think?), I would receive two pairs of no-show socks in my mailbox. After wearing them, I could send them back to get new ones. It was fun getting something in my mailbox each month. I thought it would be especially useful if one pair of socks wore out—and by then it was probably time to get a new pair anyway! However, there’s a problem with these sorts of services: they mostly focus on no-show socks. You get some funky patterns or prints you might not wear every day, but they don’t hold up well.