Sock of the Month Club Review – Is it Worth It?


If you’ve ever gone sock shopping at your local department store or grocery store, then you know how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of socks that fits your needs and style, and most importantly, your feet. sock subscription clubs offer an excellent solution to this dilemma because you don’t have to worry about choosing your own pairs of socks every month. Instead, they do all the work for you! We went sock shopping and found the best sock subscriptions available on the market today so we can help you decide whether or not a sock subscription is right for you. Here’s what we found!


The Pros

I always wanted to find a fun sock subscription box that would offer cool socks for men and I finally found one! What I love about this sock club is that they have different style options. You can either choose to get socks every month or every two months. If you want to spice up your gift giving experience then this sock club is for you! They have cool socks for men like crew socks and ankle socks that are really good quality with a lot of color options. If you're looking for a fun sock subscription box then this one is definitely worth it!


The Cons

- The socks are priced at $10-$12, which is expensive for a sock.
- You'll need to pay an additional shipping charge on top of this.
- They are only available in one size that fits most men.
- Shipping doesn't start until January, so there will be a long wait before you receive your first pair.
- These socks can be purchased from other retailers for less than half the price with no membership fee required.
- The socks offered in this club are not as high quality as some other brands and often have holes after only one or two wears.


Our Final Thoughts on SoCMC

The sock of the month Club is a fun way to get some new socks in your life. You'll get a new pair every month, with different color and patterns each time. This can be an easy gift for friends or family. The only downside is that you might not like all the socks you receive, but there are so many other great benefits that make up for this one flaw!