Sock of the Month Club Review – Is It Worth It?

sock of the month Club Review – Is It Worth It?

sock of the month Club (SOMC) has made it their mission to save you time, money, and effort by delivering fresh and unique pairs of socks straight to your door every month. But how do their subscription boxes measure up? Do they deliver on their promise to surprise and delight you every month? Find out in this sock of the month Club review!

What is a sock subscription service?

A sock subscription service is exactly what it sounds like: a way to get some great socks every month or every other month. Instead of going out and trying to find awesome, colorful socks that also match with your favorite clothes, you can have them sent directly to your door. The best part about sock subscriptions is that they’re usually pretty affordable - around $20-$25 for 2-3 pairs each month. Here's a list of some great sock subscription services you might be interested in checking out

How does it work?

When you sign up for sock of the month, you’ll receive a package filled with colorful, high-quality socks on your doorstep once per month. These are no boring or basic socks, either; these are designed to stand out! The company offers four plans to choose from: 1 pair per month for $9.99/month; 3 pairs per month for $19.99/month; 6 pairs per month for $39.99/month; and 12 pairs per month for $79.99/month.

What comes in a sock subscription box

Stance socks, which promise to make a difference one sock at a time, are shipped in a themed box containing two pairs of socks. For $12/month (or $15/month for limited edition or larger sizes), you get one standard men’s or women’s size that ranges from 10-13. For $20/month (or $24/month for limited edition or larger sizes), you get two standard men’s or women’s size that ranges from 10-13. Standard shipping is free and your first pair will arrive in about 2 weeks, with each new pair arriving approximately every month after that. Limited Edition memberships include unlimited free exchanges on all socks and no subscription period limit.

The cost

$10-$12/month (shipping included) gets you a pair of fun, usually-handmade sock delivered to your door every month. The quality is comparable to what you’d find at a department store; it’s not fashion-y or extremely high-quality but definitely sturdy and stylish. If that sounds like something you could see yourself looking forward to each month, consider giving sock of the month Club a try! You can sign up for one, three, six or twelve months. There are no shipping costs (included in price) if you sign up for three months or more!

Other sock subscriptions

Sock subscriptions can be hit or miss, so how do you figure out which one is right for you? If you’re looking for colorful patterns and designs that make you think of unicorns and rainbows, check out Socksactly. A monthly subscription costs $24.99 with shipping included. Alternatively, if dark socks are more your thing—or if you just want a fun way to spice up your sock collection—check out Sock Panda. This service offers a new pattern every month for $9.95 plus shipping; members also get access to a private Facebook group where they can swap their socks with other like-minded folks.

So why should you get one if there are so many alternatives out there?

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to at least consider getting a sock subscription. Now that you know what’s available, it’s time to figure out if it’s worth it. In most cases, these socks are far more stylish and colorful than anything in your dresser and you will have trouble wearing them with just about anything. Most sites offer free shipping, free returns and have some sort of money-back guarantee. If you find that these gifts aren’t your cup of tea or don’t fit correctly, just ship them back for a full refund or exchange them for something else.

Where to sign up for a sock subscription service.

There are a few great places to sign up for a sock subscription service. One is JackThreads, which has some of the most colorful and fun socks I’ve ever seen. Another great place to find awesome socks is Stance. And, if you’re looking for something more subdued and sophisticated (but still with plenty of color), try Commonwealth Socks. Regardless of your tastes, at least one of these services will have a product you love—so go ahead and sign up for that sock subscription service today!